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Goodies: Sexy, Adorable, Gorgeous Dara at SBS KPOP Concert (GIFs)

Kyaaaaaaaaah!! These GIFs are just too precious not to be shared, I had to post them! Smexy, fierce, adorable, and cute Dara GIFs!!! <333


Goodie: 120708 GIFs of Sexy Dara from SBS Inkigayo Comeback Special

Oooh! Can’t stop staring at these goodies! She moves so sexily but with class! <333

Dara’s intense stare!!! /DIES

Call me, maybe? Keke! ^^

All that hip thrusting and swaying….


Goodie: Oh So Sexy Dara GIFs from 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV


Random Goodies: Cute, Funny and Adorable GIFs of Goddess Dara

Kyaaa!!! I can’t get enough of these Dara GIFs!!! They are so so cute!!! ^____^ Hahaha! Daralings are really jjang!!! Thank you @S_Bar_pinky for these adorable goodies!!! <333

Dara in her red truck! XD

Dara on a sheep? LOL!

Dara and Thunder, literally. XD

Dara in gift box? I want that gift for myself!!! 

More cute GIFs after the cut!!! ^_^


GIFs/Screencaps: 120511 2NE1 at Yeosu Expo Opening Ceremony

How awesome is Dara’s look at the Yeosu Expo Opening Ceremony? I love her outfit and “look” from the ends of her hairstyle to the tips of her Loubs! Dara Dara Bright Dara totally describes her look perfectly! Sunflower Dara!


GIFs/Caps: Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Teaser (30 Secs)

Click the link below for more caps!


GIFs: Awesome Dara GIFs from Ingkigayo “I Am The Best” Performance

More GIFs after the link!!! ^_^