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Twitter/Photos: Park Sisters Reminisce Fun Times in Disney Three Years Ago – “Dumbo Dara”

Park Sisters are just too cute!!! That scene from 2NE1 TV was so heartwarming ♡

Bom super happy cause she won the doll & Dara happy that it was given to her!

I hope they have enough time off to go enjoy themselves again

 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


DARA:Was this three years ago? The members gave me the nickname of Baby Elephant Dumbo when we went to Disney Land in the US. At that time Bom won this Dumbo doll at a game as a prize and she gave it to me as a present. That was a really cute memory ^__^ Dumbo Dara

BOM: Baby elephant Dumbo

Capture1DARA: Game expert Park Bom!!! The scene where she gave me a dumbo doll ^_^ Cute

BOM:  ㅋㅋㅋ That time I got the Dumbo with all my efforts!!! Got a lot…ㅋㅋㅋ

DARA: I want to go play again ^_^ Make good memories

BOM: Right?!… We can go again… When we have time let’s go again~~^^BLGvQM8CcAAhw7Y



Source: @krungy21 + @haroobomkum

Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara + 2ne1bbmania + ilove2NE1girls

Twitter: Cute Dara Gives Director Seungri A Filipino Nickname – “Mr. Pogi”

Oh my ghad, how adorable are these two? T_T All of YG Family interactions are love, butterflies, and rainbows with a little mischief thrown here and there, but I especially love Dara-Seungri conversations because they are just so cute and heartwarming and it leaves me with fuzzy, warm feels. Haha! ^^


Seungri: Black and gold Seungri +.+

Dara: @forvictoRi Oh, when has our principal (or school director) gotten even more handsome?!! I’m going to give you a Filipino nickname~ Mr. Pogi!!! ^_^

Seungri: @krungy21 And what would that mean?

Dara: @forvictoRi Pogi means handsome *.* Mr. Pogi~ Seungri!!!

Seungri: @krungy21 That’s cute, pogi, pogi

Dara: @forvictoRi Yes, you can use that term in the future~ ^.^


And this is the picture that Seungri uploaded that convinced Dara that the “Mr. Pogi” title rightfully belongs to Seungri! And indeed, Big Bang maknae is definitely a “Mr. Pogi!”



Sources: @krungy21 @forvictoRi on Twitter

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Press Photos: 121102 More of Beautiful 2NE1 at Singtel Fan Gathering in Singapore

So many photos at the fan gathering event in Singapore~! From fierce to cute to beautiful 2NE1, here are 261 press photos at the event! ^^ Every shot is just too precious not to be shared! ♥


Twitter: Dara Tweets Photos from “New Evolution” Saitama, Japan

OMG, Dara is so cute! She posted some pictures of herself on stage during the New Evolution Concert in Saitama yesterday ^^

It seems she really enjoyed herself, despite being away from home on Chuseok day! ^^

These pictures are so cute! Super love her hairstyle too! It suits her so much! ♥

I wonder where she got the pictures..! Did she ask someone to snap shots of her…?

Or maybe from her fansite? ^^


Photos: 120526 Dara and 2NE1 at Gimpo Airport Back From Jeju

The girls are back from Jeju! According to @OMG_SANDAR,  some high school students came to Gimpo Airport and chased the girls that’s why they were seen running at the pictures. Aigoo. ^_^

Check out the girls’ “running” pictures after the cut!


Photos: Unseen BTS Photos of Lovely 2NE1

This photo from Springroove 2012 is all sorts of adorable!!! The girls look so cute! What is Bommie doing? Kekeke! Cute!!! <333

The photo below was taken when 2NE1 was in New York for the MTV Iggy Awards. They were with Jamaican singer, Gyptian.

Credit: ohohkaka@baidu+ @ohmycece@tumblr + @ForeverWithDara

Me2day: Dadoong Updates With A Very Cute Food Container

Awwww! What a cute food container you have there Dadoong-ah! It’s so pink! Kekeke! ^_^

누나가 새로운 밥상을 가져왔다옹~ 여기에다가 밥줬다옹~! 냠냠냠…

Noona bought me a new food bowl *meow*~ This is it with food in it, *meow*~! Nyam nyam nyam…


Source: Dadoong’s Me2day

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Random Goodies: Cute, Funny and Adorable GIFs of Goddess Dara

Kyaaa!!! I can’t get enough of these Dara GIFs!!! They are so so cute!!! ^____^ Hahaha! Daralings are really jjang!!! Thank you @S_Bar_pinky for these adorable goodies!!! <333

Dara in her red truck! XD

Dara on a sheep? LOL!

Dara and Thunder, literally. XD

Dara in gift box? I want that gift for myself!!! 

More cute GIFs after the cut!!! ^_^


Video: Cute Dara greeting in Taiwanese for Etude House Taiwan

Hehe! I wonder if she speaks fluently in Chinese. Keke! Anyway, cute Dara is so cute!!! ^__^

Source: azelyraz09@Youtube

Me2Day: Cutie Dadoong Peeking From The Door

Awwww! Such a cutie!!! Dadoong’s first birthday is coming up!!! Because of Dara and Dadoong’s cuteness, I wanna have a cat!!! Dadoong is just so adorable!!! <333

둥이 첫생일 D-14 이다옹! ^.^

Doongie’s first birthday D-14~ Meow! ^.^

Source: Dadoong’s Me2day