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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) “I like D-Lite’s voice a lot”

Dara really seemed to have enjoyed Daesung’s concert today in Saitama! She raves about how sweet Daesung’s voice is and how much fun she had ^^


” I like D-lite’s voice a lot because it’s very sweet!!! I had fun at today’s live concert!!!:) goodnight~”


Source: @Krungy21

Translated by:@sgbjcrew

Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) Shares a Backstage Photo with Daesung – “D-Lite & D-Bright”

OMG!!! I just love how witty Dara is!!! She is very right though, cause together with their gorgeous smiles, they’re really glowing!!! ♡


“D-lite & D-bright :)”

BKO9OJ6CcAAtH2i.jpg large


Source: @Krungy21

Photo: Backstage Photo of Dara and Daesung in Saitama for Daesung’s Concert

Weeee!!! We were right after all! In her previous twitter update, Dara said she was going to Saitama, for her last night in Japan and that the place was sweet to her ears! So Japanese Blackjacks mentioned that she then might be going to Daesung’s concert!

Prior to having this photo, many J-fans related how Dara seemed to have enjoyed the concert, and even went in the venue with a fruit basket (that you can see on the picture below) as a support present for Daesung ^^

Proof shot!  (∩_∩)

BKOsGcZCYAAYsVY.jpg large


Source: YG Entertainment

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Photos: 2NE1 ‘Meet and Greet’ with J-Blackjacks in “New Evolution”, Saitama

Here are some fantaken pictures of the girls at the ‘Meet and Greet’ event after the New Evolution Concert in Saitama, Japan ^^

Ain’t Dara looking super adorable with her bunny stuffed toy? ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


Twitter: Dara Tweets Photos from “New Evolution” Saitama, Japan

OMG, Dara is so cute! She posted some pictures of herself on stage during the New Evolution Concert in Saitama yesterday ^^

It seems she really enjoyed herself, despite being away from home on Chuseok day! ^^

These pictures are so cute! Super love her hairstyle too! It suits her so much! ♥

I wonder where she got the pictures..! Did she ask someone to snap shots of her…?

Or maybe from her fansite? ^^


Me2Day: Cutie Dara Updates a Photo of 2NE1’s “Quick Change Rooms”

Awww Dara! T_T She said she’ll be missing doing concerts since there aren’t many concerts left already. We’re gonna miss you too baby girl! T_T

두시간을 쉴새없이 달리는 콘서트!!!의상 갈아입을 시간은 다른멤버가 솔로곡을 부르는 고작 3~4분!!!멋드러진 무대뒤엔 우리가 죽도록 달려가야하는 퀵드레스룸이 있다!ㅋㅋ한국공연땐 정말 아슬아슬하게 갈아입고 겨우 올라갔는데 이젠 넘 빨리 갈아입어서 시간이 1분이나 남네ㅋ

Tags: 이제 몇회 안남은 콘서트… 이 퀵드레스룸도 그리워지겟지

Our concerts are nonstop running around for two hours!!! Costume change time is the 3~4 minutes between other members’ solo stages!!! We have dimly lit quick change stations behind the stage that we run to death towards! ke ke In Korea we really were barely able to change before hitting the stage again but now we’re so fast in changing that we even have a minute to spare between changes ke

Tag: There aren’t many concerts left…I’ll miss even these quick change dressing rooms


Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: @ygfan4life