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Instagram: Drummer Lee Jiwon Came Out to Play at “We Broke Up” Mini Concert~ “Sandara Park Noona is Really Very Beautiful”

This is Dara’s drum teacher! ^_^ And sir, I know the feeling.. Of how one can be so afraid to take a picture with Dara because it makes anyone look like an octopus next to her.. Kekeke! XD


I went out to play at the drama We Broke Up’s fan meeting and mini concert.. @daraxxi noona is really so beautiful, that I almost did not ask to take a picture with her ㅋㅋㅋ my idol😍😍 photo by @wonddoll


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Photos: 150730 Pretty Dara Poses with Some Filipino Celebrities Backstage During BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila


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Instagram: Dara Share an Adorable, Affectionate Photo with Lee Hi and Akdong Musician at AkMu Camp

Awww, supportive Dara-hoobae~! This was taken at the backstage of AkMu Camp, probably.. ^_^ AkMu had their first concert over the weekend, and of course supportive Dara went to show them her love.. ❤ And yes, Dara looks the same age as these cuties.. ❤


What are these kids…???  These kids are something..!!!    Oh oh oh… Oh oh     


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Photos: 140920 2NE1 with a Lucky Fan Backstage at “All Or Nothing” Concert Tour in Guangzhou, China




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Instagram: Lucky @angelpilgrim Shares a Backstage Picture with Dara After One-On-One Interview ~ “Sweet and Candid”

Wow! @angelpilgrim got to have a one-one-one interview with Dara (what for, we don’t know yet, but she promised to share when she can already!) fifteen minutes after the soundcheck for their concert! She said that Dara is very sweet and candid! She even got Dara’s signature after and when she showed Dara a beanie that she got from her yard sale last year, Dara exclaimed, “Wow, that’s mine!” Aww, so cute and sweet! Lucky Angel! ❤





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Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) Shares a Backstage Photo with Daesung – “D-Lite & D-Bright”

OMG!!! I just love how witty Dara is!!! She is very right though, cause together with their gorgeous smiles, they’re really glowing!!! ♡


“D-lite & D-bright :)”

BKO9OJ6CcAAtH2i.jpg large


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Photo: Backstage Photo of Dara and Daesung in Saitama for Daesung’s Concert

Weeee!!! We were right after all! In her previous twitter update, Dara said she was going to Saitama, for her last night in Japan and that the place was sweet to her ears! So Japanese Blackjacks mentioned that she then might be going to Daesung’s concert!

Prior to having this photo, many J-fans related how Dara seemed to have enjoyed the concert, and even went in the venue with a fruit basket (that you can see on the picture below) as a support present for Daesung ^^

Proof shot!  (∩_∩)

BKOsGcZCYAAYsVY.jpg large


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Photos: 130505 More Backstage Photos of 2NE1 with Snoop Dogg

Awww! They all look so cute here. <333 And look, Snoop Dogg doing the 2NE1 sign! ^^


With some Adidas staff! ^^


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Photo: 130323 Lovely 2NE1 Backstage at Twin Towers Alive 2013

Oooh~ A photo with 2NE1 backstage! So lucky! ^^


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Press Photos: 130213 Gorgeous Dara, Bom and Minzy Backstage at the 2nd Gaon K-Pop Music Awards