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Photos: 150730 More Fantaken Pictures of Fangirl Dara at “MADE” Concert in Manila

FireShot Capture - Shar Celino on Instagram_ “Unnie! Bakit an_ - https___instagram.com_p_51jwtEoW-4_ FireShot Capture - KJ💋 on Instagram_ “@daraxxi with vice gan_ - https___instagram.com_p_51gAWRJGbq_ FireShot Capture - Lyka Garcia on Instagram_ “Watching #MADE _ - https___instagram.com_p_5wsnxEwSAK_ CLNAoIqVAAAL6sa


Instagram: Gorgeous Dara Share Certification Shot Backstage at BIGBANG’s “MADE” World Tour in Manila ~ “Made Tour in Manila~ Snap!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “언제봐도 멋있고 재밌는 빅_ - https___instagram.com_p_51jET-iS2b_

Bigbang concert always cool and fun >.< Made Tour in Manila~ Snap!!! I saw their Seoul performance but because a lot of new songs have been added and the set list changed, it was so fun~! Bang Bang Bang~!!! The best the best the best~!!! Bbangya Bbangya Bbangya~!!!


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Videos: 150730 More Fancams of Fangirl Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 World Tour “MADE” in Manila ~ #BBMADEinManila


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Photos: 150730 More Fantaken Pictures of Gorgeous Fangirl “VIP” Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 World Tour “MADE” in Manila ~ #BBMADEinManila

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Video: 150730 Fancams of Lovely Fangirl Dara at BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila


Here’s a few more videos wherein Seungri mentioned Sandara’s name on stage!


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Photos: 150730 Pretty Dara Poses with Some Filipino Celebrities Backstage During BIGBANG’s 2015 “MADE” World Tour Concert ~ #BBMADEinManila


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Photos: 150730 Photos of Gorgeous and Sweet Dara at #BBMADEinMAnila

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