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Instagram: Grateful Sandara Shares her Thoughts Through Pictures During WBU’s “Thank You” Mini Concert~ “This is how I Dreamed Ssancoustic will Look”

Dara spammed her IG yesterday and we are loving her updates! ❤ Her grateful heart overflows in her captions, seriously.. ❤ 11881741_1647289628861554_1782942123_n

I can see a shy wing lighstick… Although you guys brought them with you, why didn’t you hold them up ㅋㅋ That’s my lightstick! Why did you guys not say anything 흑흑흑… I was really glad to see you after a long time~ ^_^



To Sunwoo Jung Ah who arranged this version of for Ssancoustic~ Also to Won Ddoll who assisted in this guitar session!!! Thank you very much~ ^.^👍


With Won Young who does extremely well, whether it be acting or singing~!!! Although he is a hoobae and dongsaeng, he led me well and always had a bright energy and passion during shooting and recording, thank you very much for that~👍 Good-bye Ji Won Young!!! 😁 Now Noh Woori will go back to being a sunbaenim!!! ㅋㅋ


With our cute maknae Kyuho, who is nice and sweet~ Also with Beomkyu who is the icon of untiring energy, and the women hunter Kiyongie who is full of talents 😆

Ssancoustic 😍 This is how I dreamed Ssancoustic will look.. Though I think I look really nervous..



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Instagram: WBU Cast Shares Memories Through Photos During and After their “Thank You” Mini Concert Event

 Awww, I love how the cast are close to each other.. ❤ I think Dara made some friends for life with the cast members, and I am happy for that. ❤ We will miss “We Broke Up” for sure, as much as these guys will miss it, I bet.. ^^


No need for words 👍👍👍

I’m really bad at dancing… Specially when there’s no accompaniment ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you all 💕  Going home 


Thank you very much 😊 WBU forever 😍


The end.




WBU family portrait! Completely gathered together! 💑 Although we broke up recently, but now we’re together again!!😍


With WBU’s top directors and these two 😁😁






With the grateful people today who are thanking everyone who gave their all 🙏   🎉 


Instagram: Drummer Lee Jiwon Came Out to Play at “We Broke Up” Mini Concert~ “Sandara Park Noona is Really Very Beautiful”

This is Dara’s drum teacher! ^_^ And sir, I know the feeling.. Of how one can be so afraid to take a picture with Dara because it makes anyone look like an octopus next to her.. Kekeke! XD


I went out to play at the drama We Broke Up’s fan meeting and mini concert.. @daraxxi noona is really so beautiful, that I almost did not ask to take a picture with her ㅋㅋㅋ my idol😍😍 photo by @wonddoll


Source: g1eeeee

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Photos: 150817 More Fantaken Pics of Talented, Gorgeous “We Broke Up” Cast During their “Thank You” Mini Concert Event at Hongdae Rolling Hall

More pictures of our charming, adorable WBU cast! ❤






More pics after the cut!


Instagram: Guitarist Won DDoll Shares a Picture with “Pretty Sandara Park Noona” Before “We Broke Up” Mini Concert

His Instagram profile says that he is a guitarist, so I’m guessing he’s the guitarist that Dara and Seungyoon performed with in “Good To You”.. ^_^ 


Taken today. Before the show…🎶 With noona… Too… Pretty.. ㅋㅋ After not eating and not sleeping, my face yesterday is…. Too swollen… Drama  



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Photos: 150817 Fantaken Pics of Chic, Charming Actress-Singer Dara at WBU’s “Thank You” Mini Concert Event

I love Dara’s outfit! ❤ Chic, fashionable, yet casual and comfortable.. ❤ She looks so very fresh! ^^ Great, great job actress-singer Dara! We are super proud of you! ^^ 





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