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Photos: 150817 More Fantaken Pics of Talented, Gorgeous “We Broke Up” Cast During their “Thank You” Mini Concert Event at Hongdae Rolling Hall

More pictures of our charming, adorable WBU cast! ❤






More pics after the cut!


Photo+Video: Marshall and Lee Beom Kyu Share More Updates from their recent fun and awesome “Dara Tour” in the Philippines

FireShot Capture - M Æ R S H Å L _ - https___instagram.com_p_5_XU2pgcEvB63jTVQXLCpNZDEZruR4mlkvNnk0_



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Instagram: Dara Share more Pictures of their Fun and Happy Vacation in the Philippines

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “효니는 길어~ 긴것은 바나_ - https___instagram.com_p_59EpEViS9N_

Hyoni is long~ Long is Banana Banana is delicious~ Delicious is Ramen.. I want to eat Ramen.. and Chicken! And Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap!!! Gulp…

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “승현이랑 둘이 찍은 투샷은_ - https___instagram.com_p_59FycTCS-e_

The two shots that I take together with Seunghyun.. there aren’t any photos that I can share.. Because the difference between the length of the body is so much that is it comparison experinece of opposite extremes? Kkk from now on I’ll only sit down and take photos~ Snap Snap Snap!!!

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “잘생긴 기용이랑~~~ 😝_ - https___instagram.com_p_59GlnoCS_b_

With handsome Kiyong~~~

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “잘생기진않았지만 그냥 귀여_ - https___instagram.com_p_59GxudCS_2_

With not so handsome but cute Beomgyu kkk

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “산미구엘 한잔 하실레예~__ - https___instagram.com_p_59MoxJiS3Y_

Would you like a glass of San Miguel~?!?


Instagram: Hyoni Kang Share A Photo of “We Broke Up” family with Cool Dara and Robi Domingo ~ “Good to meet you!”

FireShot Capture - HYONIKANG 강승현 on Instagram_ “good to meet _ - https___instagram.com_p_535oPInMQ7_

good to meet you ! Robi domingo


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Weibo: Tourist Dara Share More Pictures of Her Trip to Tagaytay Together with “We Broke Up” Family

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Photos: 150731 Team “We Broke Up” Share More Pictures of them Enjoying their Trip in the Philippines

FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “Love.” - https___instagram.com_p_514D_yGeZ8_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “Viking!!!!!!” - https___instagram.com_p_5148EiGebk_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “낙하 전! 입니다!” - https___instagram.com_p_51_UsAGeXS_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “올라 가는 물길.” - https___instagram.com_p_52vAztGeeW_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “욜랄라 욜라~!” - https___instagram.com_p_52vIX7Geek_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “코코넛!!!” - https___instagram.com_p_515J_2Geb8_ FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “GoGoGo!!” - https___instagram.com_p_52uPt8mecq_

FireShot Capture - HYONIKANG 강승현 on Instagram_ “오늘도매우만족고퀄리티#다_ - https___instagram.com_p_51g58DnMRi_FireShot Capture - 이범규 on Instagram_ “저 하늘 위로~” - https___instagram.com_p_51_qKmmeYF_


Instagram: Ryan Bang Share A Photo with Gorgeous Dara together with “We Broke Up” Cast

FireShot Capture - Ryan Bang on Instagram_ “#WeBrokeUp Cast i_ - https___instagram.com_p_51UC6Io7sb_

#WeBrokeUp Cast in the Philippines! Welcome back Dara!


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Instagram: Dara (daraxxi) Share A Photo of Kiyong and Bumkyu’s Challenge to Eat a Balot ~ “Success!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “Success!!! Nag_ - https___instagram.com_p_51BamZCS5B_

Success!!! Kiyong and Bumkyu took the challenge to eat a balot! They said it tastes good!


Source: daraxxi

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Instagram: “We Broke Up” Cast Goes on Another Sweet, Warm “Family Gathering” ~ “Our Teamwork is the Best!”

코빅 is short for 코미디빅리그.. ^_^ Comedy Big League is a comedy show, somewhat like SNL.. ^^ Lee Se Young, who plays Dara’s bestfriend in “We Broke Up” is a cast member.. Maybe the cast went to watch and support her? ^^ I’m so happy they support each other.. ❤ And it’s cute how they update their SNS about it too.. ❤


Lee Beom Kyu: WBU family gathering after 코빅 (T/N: Comedy Big League) ! It’s too bad that Seungyoonie wasn’t here ㅜㅜ 


Kang Seung-Hyun: A long day today with WBU ❤ Our teamwork is the best 👊


Jang Ki-Young: Had fun last night.


Lee Se-Yooung: WBU family ❤


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Instagram: 150704 Fan-Taken Pics and Short Accounts of “We Broke Up” Cast in YG’s Samgeori Butchers’

LMAO at the tags of the ahjussi in the second picture.. XDDD


#SamgeoriButchers #Hongdae #Sangsu #Hapjeong after a long time #rinsepatch ㅋㅋㅋㅋ #KangSeungyoon #SandaraPark came… #I want to go closer… #annyeonghaseyo 🙋🏻


#SamgeoriButchers 🐖 #ButchersShop #FoundSandaraPark #OnAHongdaeDate #WithYoon


#SandaraPark #Hongdae #soegogi (beef) #ochre


While eating at Hongdae today, they were at the other table #SandaraPark #KangSeungyoon #KangSeungHyun #SamgyeoriButchers #YG  

It’s really hard to see celebrities in Yang-sajangnim’s shop! So this is really surprising 🙈


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