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Instagram: Happy Dara is Grateful to Everyone who Gave their Precious Time for WBU Mini Concert~ “A New Beginning”

Awww, here’s to wonderful endings and bright, awesome, new beginnings! ❤


There’s always a sense of regret when something ends, but the fact remains that because it is already finished, then a new beginning can start ^_^ I’m very happy today, and very grateful to everyone who gave the precious gift of their time~ 😘


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Instagram: “We Broke Up” Cast Goes on Another Sweet, Warm “Family Gathering” ~ “Our Teamwork is the Best!”

코빅 is short for 코미디빅리그.. ^_^ Comedy Big League is a comedy show, somewhat like SNL.. ^^ Lee Se Young, who plays Dara’s bestfriend in “We Broke Up” is a cast member.. Maybe the cast went to watch and support her? ^^ I’m so happy they support each other.. ❤ And it’s cute how they update their SNS about it too.. ❤


Lee Beom Kyu: WBU family gathering after 코빅 (T/N: Comedy Big League) ! It’s too bad that Seungyoonie wasn’t here ㅜㅜ 


Kang Seung-Hyun: A long day today with WBU ❤ Our teamwork is the best 👊


Jang Ki-Young: Had fun last night.


Lee Se-Yooung: WBU family ❤


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Translated and re-uploaded by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Instagram: Cutie Dara Shares Adorable, Bonding Pictures with her “We Broke Up” Cast Mates

Awwww! After they watched the series together, they had lunch together too at Samgyeori Butchers, YG’s new restaurant.. ❤10631985_450052848498873_408770883_n

Our hearts ❤️


With cutie Hyoni~ 🍴🍖 #SamegyeoriButchers


Source: daraxxi

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara