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Photos: Lapoeme Posts BTS Pics of Gorgeous, Classy Dara During their Gown Fitting

They said that Dara fits Lapoeme’s gowns really well and that she has great body proportions! ❤ I wonder if the black dress made it into the cut, as I’ve only seen her in cream and red.. ❤










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Press Photos: Enchanting Goddess Dara Stuns in Light-Colored Gown for “Missing Korea” Photoshoot + Explosive Chemistry with Kim Jeong Hoon

Oh my! If Dara was a tempting, seductive goddess in red, here she is in all her pure, fresh glory in light cream gown! ❤ Dara looks so gorgeous.. T_T Seriously.. ❤





Dara and Jeong Hoon! ❤ Don’t they look good together.. ❤




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News: ‘We Broke Up’ to screen in 21st Geneva International Film Festival

‘We Broke Up’ to screen in Geneva


CJE&M’s OnStyle and YG K-plus’ collaboration “We Broke Up” became the first Web-based Korean drama to be invited to the 21st Geneva International Film Festival.

The 10-episode program culminated in July, and as of Oct. 27, garnered over 16 million views online.

Its plot depicts the revival of love between a young couple who continue to live together even after breaking up.

2NE1 singer Sandara Park and WINNER’s Kang Seung-yoon, together with models Kang Seung-hyun and Jang Gi-yong, acted as main characters.

Producer Kim Gi-yoon expressed delight at receiving the invitation, and vowed to produce more quality Web dramas

This year’s GIFF will take place from Nov. 6 to 14. “We Broke Up” will be screened on Nov. 7 at 4:30 p.m. local time.

Credits: Kpop Herald

Video/Link: Exciting “Missing Korea” Episode 2 is Here ~ Of Military Cutie Lee Yeon Hwa, Make-Up and High Heels Struggles, and Possible Falling In Love?!

Seriously, this drama is fun and exciting and every minute is riveting~! Yeon Hwa, Nan Joo, and Eun Hye have accepted the offer to join as Miss Korea candidates!  They are now preparing for the show with hilarious, but earnest, attempts.. ^^ I love how Dara’s acting is more natural in this web drama.. She did REALLY well and awesomely in Dr. Ian and We Broke Up, but I feel that her confidence in her talents and skills in acting is more pronounced this time around? ^^

Anyways, Jeong Hoon is captivated by Yeon Hwa’s smile, beauty, and attitude.. It’s so fun to see her being all stiff with her military bearing and hear her speak in North Korean twang.. ❤ Dara worked super hard, and it is now bearing fruit! Yay! ❤

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! ❤

Missing Korea – Episode 2: Welcome to Miss Korea



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Video: Fun-Filled “Missing Korea” Episode 1 Released with Enchanting Actress Park Sandara ~ Of Head-Banging Lee Yeon Hwa and Make-up Transformations

OMG! So much fun! Internet was miserable earlier and I only got to watch now OTL… T_T But OMG OMG OMG! So so so fun! Kekeke! No English subs yet, I’m hoping YGE pulls through and uploads this with subs for us international fans. T_T But Dara’s acting is on-point! Her visuals are on point! ❤ The drama promises to be fun and entertaining! I love it! Cannot wait for the episode tomorrow! ❤ 

Unfortunately there’s no English subs yet.. T_T Rest-assured, we will post it up as soon as there is one from any official source.. ^_^ Click on the picture to go to the Naver TVCast video! It should be available for viewing in all countires.. Enjoy! 

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! ❤

Missing Korea – Episode 1: “Who Are U?”



Source: Missing Korea Naver TVCast

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Instagram: Actress Park Sandara Shares “Missing Korea” Poster ~ “Missing Korea, Coming Soon!”

Yaaayyyyy! Can’t wait for this Tuesday! Fighting, fighting ya ya ya! ❤


#missingkorea coming soon!!! 🙈


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Photos/Official + Trailer Video + Broadcast Schedule: “Missing Korea” Releases Fun Official Poster + Naver TV Cast Page and Broadcast Schedule~ So Excited!

OMG the new trailer! Kekekekek! So so so cute! So this is why Dara mentioned that they did a lot of physical scenes like mountain climbing and hiking.. XD I cannot wait for this! It sounds like so much fun! ❤


The poster looks so cuteee and fun and kekeke soldier-pageant-candidate Dara!!! ❤


Doesn’t this couple look stunning?! ❤


Their Naver TV Cast header! ❤

Don’t forget to give them some ❤ on their page! ❤


MISSING KOREA Broadcast Schedule:

Naver Tv Cast:

November 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12 at 10:oo AM, KST


November 13 at 12:30 PM, KST

Let’s watch out and support! ❤

Video/Official: KBS Web Drama FB Releases Funny and Exciting “Missing Korea” Trailer~ Meet Actress Sandara Park as Lee Yeon Hwa

Gold so much gold in this teaser! GAAAHHHH! I am so excited! Dara really worked hard on her accent and it shows. ^^ The show seems to be really fun and exciting! I can’t wait for it to be broadcasted! ❤

For those who can’t view the video on Facebook, here’s a YouTube link.. ^^

[KBS Web Drama] ‘Missing Korea’ Teaser

Credits: KBS 웹드라마 + ziine89 + WeLoveDara for the caps







Photos: 150924 Radiant, Gorgeous, Alluring Actress Sandara Park at KBS’ Joint Product Presentation for their 2015 Web Dramas

DARA IS SO GORGEOUS! ❤ I love the high ponytails with the extra long extensions, it suits her very well! ❤ Some people don’t like her jacket, but I kinda love it! Its color is very eye-catching and the shape is unique and quirky, so very Dara! ^^ I wish it could have been more fitted, but hey, Dara liks cute and quirky, out-of-the-box clothes.. ^^ I love her dress! I love the details of the skirt! And the one thing I love the most about her outfit are her NUDE PUMPS, they are to die for! Her legs look extra long in them! ❤ Love love love!

What do you love about her outfit today? Comment below and share your thoughts!












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Photos: 150924 Press Pictures of KBS Web Drama Cast During the Joint Press Conference and Production Presentation

This is KBS’s joint press conference for their web dramas this year.. It features 4 web dramas, including “Miss Korea.” Other web dramas are “Flatterer,” “9 Seconds,” and “Love Detective Sherlock K.” ^^ I do hope that “Missing Korea” would hold their own production presentation and press conference.. ^^





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