Seriously, this drama is fun and exciting and every minute is riveting~! Yeon Hwa, Nan Joo, and Eun Hye have accepted the offer to join as Miss Korea candidates!  They are now preparing for the show with hilarious, but earnest, attempts.. ^^ I love how Dara’s acting is more natural in this web drama.. She did REALLY well and awesomely in Dr. Ian and We Broke Up, but I feel that her confidence in her talents and skills in acting is more pronounced this time around? ^^

Anyways, Jeong Hoon is captivated by Yeon Hwa’s smile, beauty, and attitude.. It’s so fun to see her being all stiff with her military bearing and hear her speak in North Korean twang.. ❤ Dara worked super hard, and it is now bearing fruit! Yay! ❤

What’s your fave part of the episode? Comment and share your thoughts below! ❤

Missing Korea – Episode 2: Welcome to Miss Korea



Source: Missing Korea Naver TVCast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Video/Link: Exciting “Missing Korea” Episode 2 is Here ~ Of Military Cutie Lee Yeon Hwa, Make-Up and High Heels Struggles, and Possible Falling In Love?!" (8)

  1. Anneli Gianan said:

    Fellow, Daralings.. why can’t I watch missing korea episodes 5 and 6 at naver? When I click it, it says” it is not available in your country”. I’m from the Philippines. I can only watch Episodes 1-4 and the 2 OST MVs at naver. OTTOKE?????

  2. i told u so said:

    Hey daralings/lazy people, please vote Vampire Dee in the most beautiful faces 2015!!! #UnusualBirthdayGift

  3. pinkprincez said:

    do you have other links of missing korea? seems naver tv cast is not working on my tab.. i really really want to watch it…. 😖

  4. @mkay.. Yes, I agree with you!! I like her acting here..she was on point. I am enjoying the drama eventhough I don’t understand anything.. Dara Fighting!!! Missing Korea Fighting!
    I hope it will be successful too like we broke up.

  5. i must say! i like Dara’s acting more and more! she seems calmer and less self conscious!

  6. i love sandara park sooo much !!

  7. darkymiza88 said:

    Yes, how about the English subs???? k k k
    By the way, Admin, I hope you never change the set-up/format (don’t know how to say it) of your page… And I love how you put your feelings on your posts, so hope you keep that as well. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I must say that there are some updates about Dara that you might have missed but I still love this page the most and I really, really like those lovely notes. Thanks, Admin!!!! xoxo <3<3

  8. twistables13 said:

    how can I watch it with eng subs? please help

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