DARA IS SO GORGEOUS! ❤ I love the high ponytails with the extra long extensions, it suits her very well! ❤ Some people don’t like her jacket, but I kinda love it! Its color is very eye-catching and the shape is unique and quirky, so very Dara! ^^ I wish it could have been more fitted, but hey, Dara liks cute and quirky, out-of-the-box clothes.. ^^ I love her dress! I love the details of the skirt! And the one thing I love the most about her outfit are her NUDE PUMPS, they are to die for! Her legs look extra long in them! ❤ Love love love!

What do you love about her outfit today? Comment below and share your thoughts!












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Sources: As Tagged via Naver

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 150924 Radiant, Gorgeous, Alluring Actress Sandara Park at KBS’ Joint Product Presentation for their 2015 Web Dramas" (8)

  1. darafornyfw said:

    Okay , like most. I didn’t like the blazer at all. Its fine if it was some fashion event but hun, its a press conference. Like wth was the stylist thinking??? And lets please not start with the shoe who obviously was a size bigger than her feet, look at that space behind her foot. Is it so hard to have her size? She must have been so uncomfortable walking with it, but im glad she didn’t show it, i commend her for that. But that hair though, Dara+high ponytail= Perfection. She was super breathtaking despite the very minimal make up on, she only has a lil eyeliner but looked like a goddess, im jealous! And the funny part to me was that there were idols too in that presscon, but i didn’t even noticed cause Dara’s presence swallowed them whole. LOL. Anways , guys! Please do keep voting cause finally we’re back to moving up in NYFW for Best Dressed. Please do keep voting & keep her on top, go press that button, vote, then vote again & again! We can do this Daralings & Blackjacks. She deserves the award & this will gain her more recognition. Lets GO! Hwaiting!

  2. I told u so said:

    Petite Dara+Twiggy style/babydoll dress+high heels=that would be perfect!!

  3. I told u so said:

    Please no more lady gaga style. I really hate YG Stylist.ugh

  4. She is beautiful but her outfit was not flattering at all. Quirky is fine, but she looked misshapen in that blazer. Her shoes looked a size bigger, too. I feel bad seeing these photos.

  5. Rise of the Yong said:

    Swandara!!! That’s what they’re calling this look! The skirt’s length with its fur lined detail looks really good on her. Along with the nude pumps it made her legs look longer. I love this style on her! The red blazer was an added surprise but it went well with her quirky personality and the romantic-comedy theme of the web drama she ‘s endorsing. Plus its sparkling red thus it made her skin glow more.

  6. Who would have put that outfit together and look as good as she did? I love that she is not mainstream boring. Whatever she wears, she is set apart from the crowd. She brings that extra punch, that youthful glow, that where you have to do a double take when you see her. Because she is so petite, she can get away with that puffy skirt and the white dress similar to that miss liz talks about, I just loved it. And the photographers do too!

  7. the red jacket/blazer would have been nice if not for the balloon design below the waistline. It gave her a weird silhouette. I think she was wearing a black dress underneath not a skirt.

  8. She looks beautiful as always. That Ariana Grande hair style brings out the BEST of her look or facade. It makes her look youthful as well. She and Ariana have small beautiful face that is why that hairstyle fits them so well. Her smile is her best accessory always. The red kimono or jacket brightens up her face. She had glowing face as effect of red color. Hope she wears more red color clothing than black. Black makes a person looks thin, dark, & old as well. I am so happy that she is wearing heels. She looks so lady-like. But I do not like the design of her dress or skirt. It unflattering for her body type. It is similar to a white dress she wore when she was with the CEO of YGK plus. That didn’t look good on her as well. I have to be honest. It looks a ballet costume for a recital. I prefer colorful pleated skirt than that. Taylor Swift wears short pleated skirt. I wish she would not wear such dress or skirt anymore. It is not flattering on her figure.

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