Dara spammed her IG yesterday and we are loving her updates! ❤ Her grateful heart overflows in her captions, seriously.. ❤ 11881741_1647289628861554_1782942123_n

I can see a shy wing lighstick… Although you guys brought them with you, why didn’t you hold them up ㅋㅋ That’s my lightstick! Why did you guys not say anything 흑흑흑… I was really glad to see you after a long time~ ^_^



To Sunwoo Jung Ah who arranged this version of for Ssancoustic~ Also to Won Ddoll who assisted in this guitar session!!! Thank you very much~ ^.^👍


With Won Young who does extremely well, whether it be acting or singing~!!! Although he is a hoobae and dongsaeng, he led me well and always had a bright energy and passion during shooting and recording, thank you very much for that~👍 Good-bye Ji Won Young!!! 😁 Now Noh Woori will go back to being a sunbaenim!!! ㅋㅋ


With our cute maknae Kyuho, who is nice and sweet~ Also with Beomkyu who is the icon of untiring energy, and the women hunter Kiyongie who is full of talents 😆

Ssancoustic 😍 This is how I dreamed Ssancoustic will look.. Though I think I look really nervous..



Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Grateful Sandara Shares her Thoughts Through Pictures During WBU’s “Thank You” Mini Concert~ “This is how I Dreamed Ssancoustic will Look”" (4)

  1. alohadara said:

    I told you so, I wish I could talk with you in person off the grid….cause in this case, I felt the same way as you but didnt want to say it out loud becuz its rude and didnt want to lump all korean fans together.. Plus they may not have had the opportunity to get in there. But I felt very frustrated that very few daralings/blackjacks were there and hope this doesnt happen to her again.

  2. alohadara said:

    First of all thank you to the blackjacks and daralings that were there to take the pictures of this event.
    When the fancams first started coming out on WeloveDara they were showing only Seungyoon even when Dara was singing. I didnt understand at first and then realized that they were Winner fans that came well prepared and took videos of all his songs and activities on stage. Thankfully a couple videos they took was of Dara singing her solo and together with Seungyoon. I dont know how this is all planned but I sensed her disappointment that her fans were quieter. Whoever plans these gatherings in the future I hope Dara’s fans will be well represented, loud, taking a lot of fancams and cheering everything she does. Love Seungyoon, so proud of him and the beautiful music he wrote and sang, but I want my Dara to shine too! All the time!

    • I told u so said:

      korean fans suck,those horny fangirls only care about boyband..yuck…Dara gives a loooot of fanservice(food truck,web drama,many informations,promoting yg fam,etc)ugh #sadbuttrue

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Dara’s instagram posts are so personal I can hear her narrating it to me. I saw the fancams too and Blackjacks are so tamed in the concert. Intriguing… I laughed at “women hunter Kiyongie”! I guess there are too many pretty women and it’s hard to be handsome like Kiyongie LOL

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