Oh so beautiful! I am loving the way magazines haev been loving our Dara this year… ❤ She has had a feature in magazines for nearly every month this year, and I love it! ❤ Slay model Dara, slay! ^_^

Look at this perfection, such a flawless goddess… T_T So classy too! ^^


#코스모폴리탄 #cosmopolitan👄



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Comments on: "Instagram: Beautiful Goddess Sandara Park Looks Classy and Gorgeous for Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2015 Issue" (3)

  1. alohadara said:

    bc, I love all things Dara but I have to agree, the 1st look pictures were not my favorite especially when they were all lying together…looked messy to me. Does Dara have control when she poses for these magazines? Do they have their own people to make her look a certain way? I’m surprised that you mentioned Cl here because Cl’s charisma and beauty is completely different from Dara. Although I like Cl, Dara by far out shines Cl in modeling and exuding her own beauty and style. We all have our own opinions and thankfully we can share it here. She cannot please everyone, everytime. Whether she makes it on a cover or not, as long as she is busy doing what she wants to do during this hiatus, I support.
    i told u so, are you a Hater? do you have to use filthy words to desecrate Oh Dara’s site?

  2. i know that she’s humble/modest enough to admit she still has a lot to grow in terms of talent, but now that she’s acting, i hope she’d learn to imagine and project quite often that she’s a different person during photoshoots. one who’s truly comfy w/ herself, or is aggressive, or is sensual (have noticed that cl luvs projecting this kind), or haughty like in elle w/ wbu cast (btw, i wasn’t happy w/ their 1st look photos in general. the best was kiyong’s solo then dara wearing dark dress then a far 3rd was the long shot of the group lying on the grass. don’t like the color treatment of the pics. the black & white generally looked better.), or is hyper like beomkyu, or a whole variety of characters other than what she actually is. on the other hand, looking vulnerable could be what the photographers were asking her to project often… now that she’s close w/ yg k+ models and even the ceo, perhaps she can ask for tips or have them coach her?

    one more thing, she’s done many solo features this year but has she ever graced a cover of a magazine?

  3. definitely liking the 1st pic. would’ve luv it if she didn’t look as if she’s about to cry or is hurting or feels strained by her pose. she looks much stronger in the 2nd pic though when enlarging the photo i again detected the slight vulnerability in her eyes–like she’s afraid or anxious. she looks smooth with her hair, makeup, bare shoulders and dress but i’m just not into her makeup especially her eyes and eyebrows. it makes her look rather masculine–not the kind of masculine aura i would’ve appreciated. maybe it’s her expression and the angle of her face coz in the promise me bottle pics, she looked rather pretty in the one showing her profile.

    i dunno if dara practices her poses and expressions before the mirror, or have someone like cl to critic her. coz cl knows how to project self-confidence, a strong personality. i’m ok with dara looking serene like in her solo elle feature (my fave is that pose of her with closed eyes and one arm bent towards her head) or even showing shyness or bits of vulnerability (luv that solo poster of her profile revealing her half-shaved head the 1st time. her makeup, hairstyle, pose were all great. the very slight frown which i interpreted as hurting, was a good contrast to the badass-ness of her shaved head.) but to often see her looking/posing awkward and quite unsure in her magazine photos makes me feel rather frustrated or disappointed. doing a slouch or bending knees inwards may not be confident postures but good models know how to do those things and show a relaxed, cool atmosphere instead of looking awkward or insecure. i remember her being featured together w/ other yg actors. luv what the stylists and makeup artist did on her. but in the group pic where dee was looking gorgeous in red i think, the way her hand was positioned near her face seemed off to me. it looked too casual to be appropriate. and that solo pic of her in a light green dress, her strained look made me wonder if she was uncomfortable in her pose.

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