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Photos: OhMyGoddess MQ/HQ Scans of Alluring, Charming Dara in Milan for Cosmopolitan Korea, November Issue

Dara looks soooo good in this spread! ❤ She rocked every outfit and showcased a different aura for each picture! Seriously, her aura, gaze, and poses are no joke! ❤ She’s fully clothed, but she radiates allure and sexiness even then! More than 12 pages of Dara goodness in this issue! ❤ 










Photos+Feature: Cosmopolitan Star Style – “A Day With Sandara Park” A Special Time Spent in Picturesque Milano

Cosmopolitan Star Style

A Day With Sandara Park

Being allowed a day out of a busy life is a gift. From the Milano Naviglio canals that overflow with sentiment, a special time spent with Sandara Park.


Matching with the vibrant colors of the graffiti at a distance, Sandara Park’s color point look.
Leather jacket from Blackmeans that costs 2,000,000 won. Velvet dress from Rocket Launch that costs 288,000 won. Leather velcro sneakers from Skono that costs 89,000 won. And socks from stylist collection.


Patchwork mini-dress and cross bag completes this cheerful styling.
Minidress from Acne Studios that costs 150 million won. Shoulder bag from ORYANY that costs 239,000 won. Ankle boots from Reike Nen that costs 50 million won. And stockings from stylist collection.


Avoiding summer’s hot sunlight with a pair of clever sunglasses.
Striped Top that costs for 160 million won. Skirt for 2 million won. Fendi Fur muffler for 280 million won. Sunglasses from Fendi by Safilo that costs 605,000 won


Walking down the street to go sightseeing through the different, charming art shops.
Trench coat for 238,000 won. Denim shirt for 138,000 won. Skirt for 98,000 won. All from BROKENMANSION.


Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDAara + Hannah@WeLoveDara

Photos: 160922 Press Photos of Chic Fashionista Sandara Park at Incheon Airport Headed for Milan ~

Dara looked simply gorgeous and charming when she arrived at Incheon airport yesterday to catch a flight for Milan! It’s been confirmed that she will be attending Milan Fashion Week, probably Fendi show.. ^^ She will also be there for a shoot with Cosmopolitan Korea! ^^

Press really went crazy with the pictures yesterday and uploaded so many at such a short time kekeke! ^^ Dara’s fashion was  lauded well. She mixed a black leather jacket with denim top and ripped jeans, with a black biker shirt. ^^ She was chic and fashionable, yet suitably dressed for fall.. And her hairrr! It looks perfect on her! Also, the press kept making article titles about Dara making the airport her runway and how she walked like she was on a runway, even while just crossing the road. ^^ 

[´õÆÑÆ®¤ÓÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ×=¹èÁ¤ÇÑ ±âÀÚ] ÆмǸŰÅÁø ÄÚ½º¸ðÆú¸®Åº È­º¸ÃÔ¿µÀ» À§ÇØ ÀÌÅ»¸®¾Æ ¹Ð¶ó³ë·Î Ãâ±¹ÇÏ´Â °É±×·ì Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿øÀÇ ¸â¹ö »ê´Ù¶ó¹ÚÀÌ 21ÀÏ ÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ× Ãâ±¹ÀåÀ¸·Î µé¾î¼­°í ÀÖ´Ù. »çÁøÆÀ


[´õÆÑÆ®¤ÓÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ×=¹èÁ¤ÇÑ ±âÀÚ] ÆмǸŰÅÁø ÄÚ½º¸ðÆú¸®Åº È­º¸ÃÔ¿µÀ» À§ÇØ ÀÌÅ»¸®¾Æ ¹Ð¶ó³ë·Î Ãâ±¹ÇÏ´Â °É±×·ì Åõ¾Ö´Ï¿øÀÇ ¸â¹ö »ê´Ù¶ó¹ÚÀÌ 21ÀÏ ÀÎõ±¹Á¦°øÇ× Ãâ±¹ÀåÀ¸·Î µé¾î¼­°í ÀÖ´Ù. »çÁøÆÀ

[더팩트ㅣ인천국제공항=임세준 인턴기자] 가수 산다라박이 화보 촬영차 21일 오후 인천국제공항을 통해 이탈리아 밀라노로 출국하고 있다. 사진팀









More pics of our gorgeous, enthralling goddess after the cut!


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Interview/ Feature: Cosmopolitan Korea Star Interview “Baby Face Representative: Sandara Park!”

Baby Face Representative: Sandara Park!


This is the first time we’ve met again since last year. How have you been doing since that time?
Last summer, I was busy shooting a web drama <We Broke Up>

You must have worked hard. Compared to making music, acting as the main female lead must have taken more empahty and emotions. How was the atmosphere during filming?
The drama’s plot revolves around a pair of ex-lovers, who still live in the same house even though they’ve broken up. I really enjoyed the filming though I haven’t experienced it first hand. Although I was a the most senior, the characters were around the same age, so during the shooting we all acted like we were all the same age so there was a bit of confusion between real-life and acting already, but the atmosphere is great. Of course, after the filming we all became close.
2You also made a cameo appearance in the drama <Producers>.
Although the character I played was a total 180 degrees from the characters I usually play, it was really fun to act out a totally different role. Haha. We filmed together with Cha Tae-Hyun and Gong Hyo-Jin sunbae-nims, so I was really nervous.

Is there a special concern that you mind now as an actor that you didn’t as a singer?
There is of course, and that’s my skin. Nowadays, TV picture quality is really great, so unlike a singer, I learned that I just can’t wear a bolder style of make-up. Making my skin look great with natural make-up is a burden.

There is quite a lot of interest in beauty, before you became active as an actress, didn’t you have an interest in it?
For quite a while, I was a beauty model, but I wasn’t all that great with make-up and I didn’t manage my skin well. Before, I only lightly wash heavy make-up off my face before I sleep, but this is a habit I’m trying to fix these days.


Source: Cosmopolitan

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Instagram: Beautiful Goddess Sandara Park Looks Classy and Gorgeous for Cosmopolitan Magazine, September 2015 Issue

Oh so beautiful! I am loving the way magazines haev been loving our Dara this year… ❤ She has had a feature in magazines for nearly every month this year, and I love it! ❤ Slay model Dara, slay! ^_^

Look at this perfection, such a flawless goddess… T_T So classy too! ^^


#코스모폴리탄 #cosmopolitan👄



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Instagram: Cosmopolitan Reveals 15th Anniversary Beauty Shoot with Gorgeous Model Sandara Park

Dara is tearing through magazines! ❤ I am loving this! The camera indeed loves her so much and I cannot wait to see what Cosmopolitan has in store for us! ❤ FIGHTING! I can’t wait to see this! ❤


Cosmo met #SandaraPark ! Her loveliness aided by #Dior’s #newaddictlipstick 💋 makes hearts pound ❤️ #2ne1 #sandara #goddess #raspberrycolor #976_Dior #SeeYouAgainSandara


Not a doll #sandarapark #2ne1 #dior #beautyphotoshoot #Cosmopolitan15thAnniversaryPhotoShoot #InstaSize


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Magazine Feature: Cosmopolitan Korea’s ‘Celeb Beauty’ Column ~ “Sandara Park Personally Reveals her Beauty Tips for the First Time”

Celeb Beauty: Sandara Park Personally Reveals her Beauty Tips for the First Time

Knowing about stars’ beauty secrets is always fun! And now, Sandara Park has generously revealed her “real beauty history,” nowhere else, but in Cosmo.


Top: Alexander Wang. Overalls: Balmain.

“I’m not afraid of transformation. On the contrary, I rather enjoy it! But this usually applies more to Sandara Park, the entertainer. Normally, I am quite faithful to natural make-up. So there are times, when I have to go on-stage, that I look in the mirror and think, “I’m the same with this person, right?” From the way I see it, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and the ordinary Sandara Park is really different.”


(Left) Top: Versus. (Right) Top: Alexander Wang. Pants: Hood By Air. Accessories: Ambush.

Special Chic

The old, grungy (or messy), smoky eye make-up is a NO! Nowadays, neat eye-lines and shading are the trend. The eye-line should be made neatly and exactly, and only the under-line below the eye, should be touched up a bit to create a slight smudge effect. After that, use a mascara that will give more volume to the eyelashes, and at the same time, it should be fixed just so it will point towards the sky, giving it a neat look.

“All women should know the chic look. It’s a bit like me, since I’m the calm, quiet type. On special occasions, make-up on other parts of the face can be calm and relaxed, but eye make-up should always be a focus.”


1 Clio Salon de Cara, number 2 Volume Cara that produces rhythmical curl volume. 2 Number 1 Rolls Cara that gives top-notch volume sense. 3 Volume Cara number 3 hand brush cara that procuses long and strong eyelashes.

Daily Natural

The secret to the real bare-face (생얼) look is neat, curling eyelashes! Make the eye-line as close as possible to the lower part of the eyelids, and make sure to put on enough mascara to make the eyelashes darker and with more volume, the amount of mascara material should be enough so that it wouldn’t blot out and having neat eyelashes is one of the most important points. Finish the look off with a lipstick color that will match your feel as a last touch.



1 Clio Virgin Kiss Tension Lip clear, cherry red color Number 8 Chu. 2 Clear Orchid Pink Number 1 top dangerous color.

Baby Face

The top concern are reddish lips and peach-light cheeks in order to achieve this look. As for the eyes, apply gold beige eyes hadow to emphasize the eye shape and make it look wider, after that, draw a very thin eye-line at the upper lid. If you want to emphasize your lips, use lipstick clearly and tightly; if you want to leave a cute impression, use a lip tint instead.



Source: Cosmopolitan Korea

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Which look are you most likely to try out? ^^

[Video/HQ Caps] Real Beauty of Sandara Park – BTS for Korea”s Cosmopolitan Magazine


image image image

image image image image image image

Credits: CosmopolitanKorea@YT

SC by: OhDara

[HQ SCANS] Glowing Goddess and The Epitome of Perfection ~ Sandara Park for Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine September Issue



cpdara04 cpdara03 cpdara02 cpdara01


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