“Pwede ba Taglish?” was all Korean pop superstar Sandara Park had to say to charm the Philippine press in Bangkok during our interview. She was just introduced as the latest Head & Shoulders brand ambassador, and she looked delighted to see her kababayans even as she clinched one of her biggest endorsements to date.The actress and singer was in a gorgeous blue outfit and hair that is as stunning in person as in the pictures. In fact, she looks exactly like how she registers on screen, and we couldn’t help but envy well – everything about her.  What hair advice would you give to your best friend, we fire away. “Wash your hair properly and regularly. Important to use good haircare products para maganda yung hair mo. And you should let your hair breathe!” Dara says.


She is equally chill when it comes to maintaining her skin. “I just cleanse it well and put a mask every night as much as possible. I drink plenty of water…and think positive! Yan palaging important,” she shares.

The secret to her youthful, dewy skin? “Naglalagay ako ng mask every night para next day glowing yung skin. Actually I can use any brand, kasi lahat naman pare-pareho yung result. Ngayon meron mga mask pack na animal print so I like those,” Dara gushes. As for makeup, she can’t currently live without three things. “Since summer na rin sa Korea, important yung sunblock. Ngayon there’s sunblock na colored, parang foundation! And blush, para laging fresh and kunwari cute haha. And then lipstick…gusto ko yung mga bright colors like orange and pink para I look alive.” She has an endearing sense of humor.

Famous for her adventurous and colorful hairstyles, Dara knows how to take care of her hair. She confesses to using weaves to lessen the damage and going to salons for regular treatments and scalp massages. For everyday care though, she loves Head & Shoulders’ new Tri-Action Formula. “It helps because I change my hairstyle a lot so parang laging damaged. I massage my scalp with the shampoo, and it helps me protect, moisturize, and cleanse everyday,” says Dara of her new beauty secret.

But what is it, really? The Tri-Action Formula is Head & Shoulders’ biggest innovation in the last decade. According to Saint Anthony Tiu, Senior Scientific Communications Manager for Hair Care, P&G Asia Pacific, years of research led to a breakthrough that allowed them to micronize their active ingredient for fighting dandruff. Eight times tinier, their patented pyrithione zinc or ZPT is now able to penetrate the scalp much more thoroughly to combat the cause and symptoms of dandruff.

They have also improved the formula of Head & Shoulders shampoos to act more like skincare instead of just fighting dandruff. Now, it promises to cleanse better with richer suds, protect the scalp from bacterial infection and damage, and moisturize our hair at the same time.

I am personally excited by this news. I LOVE Head & Shoulders shampoo because it’s one of the very, very few shampoos that doesn’t break me out (I’m super sensitive to hair products). It’s the only one that can keep away my dandruff too! I suffered from so many breakouts and a horrible wounded scalp in my early 20s (I shiver to remember) until I “discovered” Head & Shoulders for myself. I like to tell people that while it’s not glamorous, Head & Shoulders is a staple in my bath shelf. It just works so well for me, especially since it gives my fine hair volume too.

“I love the fact that my work allows me to change my hairstyle almost by the hour! But that also means that my hair needs to be in tip top condition at all times. I’m super excited to be joining the Head & Shoulders family! It’s my complete hair and scalp care solution, allowing me to rock the stage with confidence,” says Sandara Park. She adds, “See you in Manila soon!”

We can’t wait to see what she’s working on as she gave us a hint during the interview. 😉 It was lovely meeting her, and it’s all thanks to the P&G team! If you’re curious, I also posted personal stuff about my Bangkok trip here.

Tell me, what would you like to ask or say to Sandara if you ever see her in person? What’s your favorite Head & Shoulders variant?

Sandara with the PH delegation in Bangkok: L-R is Patricia Dayacap of Cosmopolitan, Pristine de Leon of Inquirer, myself, Deirdre De Padua of P&G, and Randz Manucom of Metro

Sandara with the PH delegation in Bangkok: L-R is Patricia Dayacap of Cosmopolitan, Pristine de Leon of Inquirer, myself, Deirdre De Padua of P&G, and Randz Manucom of Metro

Credits: Project Vanity