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Translation: Sandara Park’s Profile for “All Boradcasting in The World”



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Article/Feature: [Dispatch Entertainment Special] “The Secret to Aging Backward?”…. Sandara Park, Reveals Secrets to Baby Face

[Entertainment Special] “The Secret to Aging Backward?”…. Sandara Park, Reveals Secrets to Baby Face

For a woman, bare face is
something that she wants to hide.


But, for Sandara Park
what does bare face even mean?


Bare face



Let’s have a quiz at this moment.


For this photo, when did she take it?


If so, then how about this photo?
The correct answer will now be revealed.



The gap between the two photos,
is as much as 8 years.


Sandara Park was born in 1984, and this year she’ll be turning 33 years old. When she debuted in 2009, she was already 26 years old; it’s been 8 years since she debuted as an idol. She’s called the best “baby face” among girl groups.

☞ Are you curious about the secrets to her baby face? Found at the filming location of OnStyle’s “Get It Beauty 2017,” MC Sandara Park’s beauty honey tips as revealed in this “entertainment special.”


Let’s first take a look at Sandara Park while she’s on her way to work. On this day, she would make her first appearance at the filming site. Wearing a red tteokbokki coat, she showed her fresh visuals.

“Hello! I was selected as one of ‘Get It Beauty 2017’ new MC. Today is our first filming. I will be revealing my beauty tips as well. Go go~.” (Sandara Park)


“Sandara Park, reporting for work”




“Tteokbokki coat”


Preparations for the filming of “Get It Beauty 2017” have started in earnest. The formula ‘cosmetic maniac/addict = shade/tint maniac/addict’ was created for Sandara Park. We focused more on inner beauty.

Have you ever heard of inner beauty before? To put it simply, it’s cosmetics that one can ‘eat.’ Intake like collagen, vitamins, and others that, when taken, are good for the skin.


Photos: 070217 Press Photos of Beautiful, Radiant New MC Sandara Park at “Get It Beauty 2017” Product and Press Production Presentation

Dara looked really pretty during the press and product presentation for the new Get It Beauty 2017 program! ❤ I liked how her ensemble had this “professional” thing going on, but the cut gave it a quirky edge that just screams “SANDARA PARK!” ^^





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Instagram: Get It Beauty Shares a Video of a “Heroine with Crazy Proportions”

Dara really has crazy proportions, like a Barbie doll! She’s really petite, but because her proportions are good, you’ll never know that she isn’t tall just by looking at pics.. ^^

A heroine with crazy proportions arrived at Get It Beauty filming site?!🤔 Even her back is , pretty back explosion ..💖 #CrazyProportions #PrettyBack #BarbieDoll #ThisMustBeHowItFeelsPlayingWithDolls #BackGoddess #TruthfullyShesAGoddessInFrontToo #GetItBeauty2017 #NewMC #HouseOfBeauty #CoDdict #BeautItem   #BEAUTY #COSMETIC #MAKEUP #KBEAUTY #SANDARAPARK

This is what they were filming! Dara looks so fresh and cute!



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Instagram: Beauty Blogger Choi Ye-Ji Shares a Pretty Selca with “MC Goddess Dara”

With pretty goddess Dara! ❤ One of the tags said that this was Get It Beauty’s 3rd shooting schedule.. ^^


Get It Beauty❤ Get it beauty2017 MC Goddess Dara ✨ #GoddessDara #GetItBeauty #GetItBeauty2017 #SandaraPark #Dara #LeeHoney #LeeSeyeong #BeautyStagram 


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Instagram: MC Dara Thanked Everyone Doing a Well Job On Their First Recording


Thank you for Get It Beauty MC congratulatory bouquet!!! 😆 Everyone did a good job in our first recording~ 2017 first broadcast is on Feb.19, Sunday night at 8:20PM ~ Please look forward to it a lot. 😀🙏🏻🙈💐





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Twitter/Instagram: MC Maknae Dara with her Sunbaenims Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Kim Eana

Awww maknae MC Dara! We will surely miss you! And I’m sure your sunbae-nims will miss you too! I really love how much she respects and admires her sunbaes and how they love and adore her right back.. Seeing their backstage and BTS interactions makes my heart feel warm.. ❤

I really hope that you get to work with them in some other project some time soon! ❤ I really, really want that to happen for her.. ❤


After Sugar Man! I had the chance to meet the sunbaenims again after it’s finished. It was my first time being an Entertainment MC so I laughed and learned a lot from them, Jaesuk oppa who is really good 😍 Heeyeol oppa 😍 Eana unnie 😍 Being with them is an honor. It was a delightful time. I will miss you ~~~!!! 💕💞💓Sincerely yours, your favorite weekly MC maknae Dara (__) *bow*”

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Photo: Maknae MC Sandara Park Looks Classy and Radiant for Sugarman Episode 37

Awww Dara looks so so so pretty! ❤



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Fantaken: 160622 HD Fantaken OhMyGoddess Pictures of Gorgeous, Smiling Sandara Park After Sugarman Last Recording

Aww Dara looked so radiant and happy coming out from the last Sugarman shooting. ❤ Look at her being so cute! I loved the red bandana on her hair by the way keke! ❤ Her fashion is way edgy! ❤






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