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Twitter/Instagram: MC Maknae Dara with her Sunbaenims Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Kim Eana

Awww maknae MC Dara! We will surely miss you! And I’m sure your sunbae-nims will miss you too! I really love how much she respects and admires her sunbaes and how they love and adore her right back.. Seeing their backstage and BTS interactions makes my heart feel warm.. ❤

I really hope that you get to work with them in some other project some time soon! ❤ I really, really want that to happen for her.. ❤


After Sugar Man! I had the chance to meet the sunbaenims again after it’s finished. It was my first time being an Entertainment MC so I laughed and learned a lot from them, Jaesuk oppa who is really good 😍 Heeyeol oppa 😍 Eana unnie 😍 Being with them is an honor. It was a delightful time. I will miss you ~~~!!! 💕💞💓Sincerely yours, your favorite weekly MC maknae Dara (__) *bow*”

Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: @OhDara

Translated by:  @WeLoveDara