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Twitter/Instagram: MC Maknae Dara with her Sunbaenims Yoo Jaesuk, Yoo Heeyeol and Kim Eana

Awww maknae MC Dara! We will surely miss you! And I’m sure your sunbae-nims will miss you too! I really love how much she respects and admires her sunbaes and how they love and adore her right back.. Seeing their backstage and BTS interactions makes my heart feel warm.. ❤

I really hope that you get to work with them in some other project some time soon! ❤ I really, really want that to happen for her.. ❤


After Sugar Man! I had the chance to meet the sunbaenims again after it’s finished. It was my first time being an Entertainment MC so I laughed and learned a lot from them, Jaesuk oppa who is really good 😍 Heeyeol oppa 😍 Eana unnie 😍 Being with them is an honor. It was a delightful time. I will miss you ~~~!!! 💕💞💓Sincerely yours, your favorite weekly MC maknae Dara (__) *bow*”

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Interview/Trans: 10Asia’s Interview with Sugar Man’s Yoon Hyun Joon ~ “I Value Sandara Park and Kim Eana Highly”

Yoon Hyun Joon of Sugar Man was interviewed by 10 Asia.. ^^ I love his answer regarding the question about Sandara Park and Kim Eana! ❤ It showed his appreciation for them, while recognizing their roles in “Sugar Man.” I personally think that both ladies bring color to the table.. Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol are both formidable MC figures themseves, but the two ladies somehow mellow them out and bring out the best in them as well.. ^^


10. On the other hand, Kim Eana and Sandara Park don’t have as much participation (T/N: compared to Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol) and some vieweres even call these two people as “folding screens”(T/N: blank spaces, fancy decor).

Yoon Hyun Joon CP: I know about this. But personally, I value these two people highly. Kim Eana and Sandara Park are in a difficult place. The main MCs are generally outstanding, and they must be close to the Sugar Man and to the producers, and must also have a good rapport with the viewers and guests, so as to build a good atmosphere. Kim Eana has profound musical knowledge. And although some of the things she says doesn’t make it to the final broadcast, I believe that she raises the quality of “Sugar Man” as a whole. Sandara Park has a very strong respect for both Yoo Hee Yeol and Yoo Jae Suk. So she is very careful of what she says. This year, she is in Yoo Jae Suk’s team, and she’s trying her best to actively participate. So while these two may come out as less active and need to improve in terms of talking (T/N: compared to the Two Yoo) , however they are of good quality and do their best in the roles that they are given. In the future, their roles may increase.



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Instagram: Ppiyak Dara Shares Pics of “Show Men” Huh Gak and Roy Kim and MC “Deer Eana” for Sugarman Episode 10

Dara is so so so so cute! ❤ Ppiyak Dara for the win! ❤ And so nice to see Roy Kim and Huh Gak! I wish Dara took pics with the Sugar Men too! XD


With this week’s showman Gakssi ^_^ #HuhGak ah.. Its Christmas this week?! Its that so… its already Christmas again. Those who have lover have a date~ those who are solo/single please be warm and comfortable at home~ Let’s be sweet together!!! 😘🎄


For this week’s showman I’ll get to#RoyKim spoiler without further ado~ hahaha Today’s broadcast is Merry Merry Solo Christmas~ Singles must spend it with us and watch!!! If you listen to Gak-ssi and Roy-ssi’s sweet song, you won’t feel single and be lonely anymore!!! For real 🎄🎉🎊😝


Merry Christmas~ 😆🎄 From deer Eana and chick Dara Merry Christmas!!!


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Instagram: Kim Eana Falls Into a “Visual Trap” with “Fairy Dara” in a Picture? ~ “Came Out Less Pretty Next to Dara”

Kim Eana is so cute! It’s so obvious she adores pretty fairy Dara.. ❤


Visual trap because it looks like a mother and daughter portrait, although there’s only five years difference between our ages. Don’t let her sit on your knee if you don’t want to look like a pillar in the picture. Also next to Dara-yang, I came out less pretty #featherweightVSheavyweight #ShesAFairyInHerPastLife


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Videos+Links: 151020 Maknae MC Dara Shows her Lively Charm for Sugar Man’s Fun-Filled First Episode Broadcast

The first broadcast of “Sugar Man” is done! ❤ And our Dara did so well, as expected!!! ❤ She was fun and engaging and really cute! ^^ She did well for a first time MC! ^^ I hope that she continues to do well and learn from the top MCs, the two Yoos! Fighting!!!! ❤

Aww, Dara said she thought she’d be one of the Sugarman because it had been so long since she came out on a show.. T_T We want 2NE1 back on stage too Dara! ^^ She also

revealed her age to be 32, which shocked and surprised a lot of people because she looks so young. XD She then said that she isn’t the oldest idol because there’s still Kahi and Narsha. XD And LOL at her revelation about covering her nose when she did the “You got the fire” part in “FIRE” and the others thought that it was just autotune, then Yoo Hee Yeol remarked about YG not being all that glamorous.. XD In the other video, Mr. 2 talked about his song about empty chairs and lost roads, and he really did feel that way soon after the album was released.. XD Then Dara said that something similar happened when 2NE1 recently sang about love, and not about spurning guys away as with “Go Away” or “I Don’t Care” .. XD She said that love came to her after that! Yoo Hee Yeol got so curious and looked like he really wanted to know.. The MCs tried to get her to say who, but she said it didn’t last long and hedged the question kekeke! XD

The secret of Sandara Park’s rapping birth? YG’s top secret revealed

Sandara’s H-ssi? Sandara Park drops a bomb statement! Sugar Man, first broadcast

Sugar Man Returns, Revelation of the top producers! Sugar Man, first broadcast

Watch the first episode of “Sugar Man” and MC Dara on JTBC’s website!

JTBC’s Sugar Man – First Episode

You can watch the episode with English subs on V App or VLive for desktop! ^^

VLive: Eng Sub – Sugarman Episode 1

In case it isn’t working for you, KShowOnline has subbed it! ^_^

KShow: Eng Sub – Sugarman Episode 1


Official/Photos: JTBC Releases Official Posters of the MCs for New Variety Show, “Sugar Man”~ Pretty Solo MC Dara Poster!


Dara has such a humble and good heart, always looking out for fans and working hard.. ❤


Dara: I’m so happy that I got to join ‘Sugar Man’ as an MC. As the maknae MC, I hope to be the link between the new generation and the old, and with the overseas fans as well




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Instagram: More Backstage Photos of “Sugar Man” Broadcast Shoot~ “Pretty Doll-Like Dara”

This lady went to “Sugar Man” broadcast shoot, I think this is for the second broadcast.. ^^ 


“(Dara) looks like a complete doll.. I couldn’t stand next to her”





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Video/Official+Twitter: “Two Yoo Project~ Sugar Man” Releases Its Preview for its First Episode ~ MC DARA~!!!

And now we have our first Sugar Man preview! Dara looks so pretty!!! ❤

JTBC New Variety: Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man ~ First Episode Broadcast Preview

And here’s Dara’s official portrait for “Sugar Man” first broadcast~! SO PRETTY! ❤ Love the beret! ^^



I’m so happy I can meet my seniors that I like and listen to old classic songs~😍 What Sugar Man will come out in the future.. My heart is jumping~ who is your Sugar Man?!


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