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Videos+Links: 151020 Maknae MC Dara Shows her Lively Charm for Sugar Man’s Fun-Filled First Episode Broadcast

The first broadcast of “Sugar Man” is done! ❤ And our Dara did so well, as expected!!! ❤ She was fun and engaging and really cute! ^^ She did well for a first time MC! ^^ I hope that she continues to do well and learn from the top MCs, the two Yoos! Fighting!!!! ❤

Aww, Dara said she thought she’d be one of the Sugarman because it had been so long since she came out on a show.. T_T We want 2NE1 back on stage too Dara! ^^ She also

revealed her age to be 32, which shocked and surprised a lot of people because she looks so young. XD She then said that she isn’t the oldest idol because there’s still Kahi and Narsha. XD And LOL at her revelation about covering her nose when she did the “You got the fire” part in “FIRE” and the others thought that it was just autotune, then Yoo Hee Yeol remarked about YG not being all that glamorous.. XD In the other video, Mr. 2 talked about his song about empty chairs and lost roads, and he really did feel that way soon after the album was released.. XD Then Dara said that something similar happened when 2NE1 recently sang about love, and not about spurning guys away as with “Go Away” or “I Don’t Care” .. XD She said that love came to her after that! Yoo Hee Yeol got so curious and looked like he really wanted to know.. The MCs tried to get her to say who, but she said it didn’t last long and hedged the question kekeke! XD

The secret of Sandara Park’s rapping birth? YG’s top secret revealed

Sandara’s H-ssi? Sandara Park drops a bomb statement! Sugar Man, first broadcast

Sugar Man Returns, Revelation of the top producers! Sugar Man, first broadcast

Watch the first episode of “Sugar Man” and MC Dara on JTBC’s website!

JTBC’s Sugar Man – First Episode

You can watch the episode with English subs on V App or VLive for desktop! ^^

VLive: Eng Sub – Sugarman Episode 1

In case it isn’t working for you, KShowOnline has subbed it! ^_^

KShow: Eng Sub – Sugarman Episode 1


Article: Top Girl Group Rankings Based on Fan Club Membership – 2NE1 at #3

Which girl group has the most fan club members?

Recently, a ranking of the most popular girl groups was conducted using the total numbers of fan café members according to Internet portal site “Daum.” The group which came out on top was none other than SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation had a whopping number of 284,600 members in their official fan café.

Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls have been in polite competition all year. Thus it would come as no surprise to fans that second place was awarded to the Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls have demonstrated, like Girls’ Generation, that they are one of the ultimate girl groups in South Korea with close to 100,000 members. It is particularly impressive since the Wonder Girls’ activities have been concentrated on the United States and China as of late.

Third place was crowned to the ladies of 2NE1. 2NE1 was similar to the Wonder Girls in the case that their fan café had 90,000 or so members. Considering the fact that 2NE1 debuted in late 2009 their fan base has grown close to 100,000 people in over the span of three short years. Compared to say Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls who made their debut back in 2007.

Next was f(x) who took fourth place with 60,500 fans, fifth belonged to KARA with 50,300 members, Brown Eyed Girls ranked in sixth place with a total of 40,200 fans. Both 4minute and miss A were tied for seventh place with 30,200 members.

Most noticeable among the top 10 were the youngest girl group A Pink.  Even though A Pink has been around for just a little over a year the girls still were able to pull in impressive numbers for their fan café. The total members of A Pink’s café were close to 30,000. They were able to gather fans the fastest and thus deserve particular attention. A Pink’s recently released comeback album has led to an apparent rise in popularity.

T-ara was excluded from the fan café ranking due to an error. But under normal conditions fans can be assured that they would rank very high on the list. Lastly, After School rounded out the top ten ranking in at the tenth spot with 20,000 members.

Credit: Soompi