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Article: Soompi – 2NE1 Takes No.1 Against Girls’ Generation, Soyu x Junggigo on Inkigayo 03.16.14

2NE1 Takes No.1 Against Girls’ Generation, Soyu x Junggigo on SBS Inkigayo 03.16.14

2NE1 Takes No.1 Against Girls’ Generation, Soyu x Junggigo on SBS Inkigayo 03.16.14

The March 16 broadcast of SBS’ “Inkigayo” was a highly anticipated three-way competition for first place as the nominees were Girls’ GenerationSoyu x Junggigo, and 2NE1. With Girls’ Generation winning last week, Soyu x Junggigo holding strong, and 2NE1′s first entrance into the race since their comeback, all eyes were on who was going to be the winner today, and it has been decided. 2NE1 wins this week’s no.1. Congratulations!

Soyu x Junggigo performed their long-standing hit, “Some.” 2NE1 performed both title songs “Come Back Home”  and “Gotta Be You.” Girls’ Generation performed their addictive “Mr.Mr.

Besides the three nominees, TVXQToheart, 100%SunmiWingsOrange Caramel, B.A.P, BTOB, Ladies’ Code, Troy, Boys Republic, AlphaBAT, and Sunny Days Real Vocal all showed their spectacular performance.



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Article: AllKpop – 2NE1 wins #1 + Performances from March 16th’s SBS ‘Inkigayo’!

2NE1 wins #1 + Performances from March 16th’s SBS ‘Inkigayo’!

SBS’ Inkigayo returns with more fantastic stages, eclectic sounds, and excitement! Joining us will be hosts Lee Yu Bi, ZE:A’s Kwanghee and new MCs EXO’s Suho & BaekHyun.

On this episode, Orange Caramel came back with “Catallena”, Toheart made a “Delicious” debut, 100% returned with “Beat”, and SoReal debuted with “My Heart Says”.

As for the winners, Girls’ Generation2NE1, and Soyu & JungGiGo were nominees for the trophy, but 2NE1 took home their first win for “Come Back Home”.


There were also plenty of other great stages. Other performers of the night included: Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Soyu & JungGiGo, NELL, CNBLUE, TVXQ, Ladies Code, Sunmi, B.A.P, Boys Republic, Troy, Alphabat, Wings, LUNAFLY, and Sunmi.

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Article: KpopStarz – “Girls’ Generation & 2NE1’s Battle Reminiscent of S.E.S & Fin.K.L”

Girls’ Generation & 2NE1’s Battle – Reminiscent of S.E.S & Fin.K.L


Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 are both well-loved in the music world, and are called the best girl groups in the K-Pop industry. They both exude very different charms and appeal to the public in their own ways. They went head to head with their similar comeback dates, and went up on the same music program stage. Girls’ Generation had their comeback first, but due to their music video data corruption incident, their 4th album offline sales release and 2NE1’s 2nd album online music release both landed on the same date, February 27th.

On the 9th they both starred on the same music program, and the attention was focused on who would take the honorary ending performance. The ending went to the senior singer group TVXQ.

The two girl groups have often been considered rivals. And so their simultaneous activities were a hot topic for music lovers all around. More than just rivals, the two girl groups were able to contribute to the revival of the music industry, and it was a win-win situation for both.

Girls’ Generation and 2NE1’s rivalry is reminiscent of S.E.S and Fin.K.L‘s fierce competition back in the day.

SM Entertainment first debuted S.E.S in 1997. Until then, no girl group had really been very successful. That’s because at the time girl idols weren’t as popular as they are today. No one knew what would happen.

That’s why S.E.S’s debut was surprising and impactful. They came out with a pure and innocent image, just as their age would indicate, and started with their debut song “I’m Your Girl”. The male fandoms quickly increased in number, and these girls had a huge impact on the music industry.

DSP Media then debuted the girl group Fin.K.L 1 year later in 1998 with the song “Blue Rain”. Fin.K.L had a hard time at first, but things got easier with their other song “To My Boyfriend”, with which they ranked number 1. They appealed to the public with a different charm than S.E.S. Thereafter Fin.K.L released many hits back to back, and stood out as female idols that could overtake S.E.S.

And now 16 years later, the members are still battling against each other. But at the present they are competing as actresses, not singers.

Being called “rivals” can be taxing on both sides. However, S.E.S was able to stay in the spotlight longer because Fin.K.L emerged as rivals to compete against them. And it’s the same with Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. Their rivalry is a point of interest, and the two girl groups will receive much more attention thanks to their competition against each other to be labeled the best.


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Article: Kpopstarz – “Girls’ Generation SHared Their Thoughts on Promoting Alongside 2NE1”

Girls’ Generation Shared Their Thoughts On Promoting Alongside 2NE1

girls-generation-and-2ne1K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation shared how happy they were to promote alongside with their rival group 2NE1. During the group’s recent backstage interview on “Music Bank” on March 7, Girls’ Generation shared “Our promotions are overlapping for the first time in a while so it’s fun and pleasant.”

Tiffany and Seohyun said, “During Girls’ Generation and 2NE1’s early years, girl groups were not that common… Now that we get to promote together, we feel proud and good to show girl power in the K-Pop scene.”
Seohyun gave her opinion saying, “2NE1’s color is totally different from ours… It is fun to watch 2NE1’s stage. We also plan to definitely watch 2NE1’s stage… Rather than competing with other girl groups, we will naturally show our sunbae image… Although there is a sense of responsibility and pressure, I think that we can grow because of that.”

Seohyun get to talked about how they felt relieved as their group finally make a comeback with “Mr.Mr”. “It feels like our thirst has finally been quenched.” Tiffany also shared how their group’s MV data loss is a blessing in disguise saying, “As our comeback schedule got delayed, we thought it was an opportunity to show a perfect stage… Although we always do best to prepare for our comebacks, this time we also listened to our song over 50 times a day and practiced hard. I think there is a time for everything including our comeback… Each stage will be worth looking forward to.”

The battle between two biggest girl group will be seen on music shows this weekend!


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Interview: SNSD’s Taeyeon Says Competition with 2NE1 is Enjoyable

SNSD’s Taeyeon Says Competition with 2NE1 is Enjoyable


One of the hottest issues in K-Pop these days is the comeback of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) and 2NE1.

Despite the fierce and tense competition expected between the two girl groups, SNSD’s Taeyeon revealed that the competition is ‘enjoyable.’

Having made its comeback through Mnet’s M Countdown on March 6, SNSD received much of the spotlight after performing Mr.Mr. and Wait a Minute.

Meeting with enews before the performance took place, Taeyeon talked about her thoughts on finally making a comeback and upcoming competition with 2NE1.


When asked about the upcoming competition with 2NE1, Taeyeon said, “Many people have been showing their interest in the competition. Personally, I think it’s really fun and enjoyable. Not only 2NE1 but many others, such as CN Blue, have made their comeback. I hope everyone can enjoy their performances.”

Taeyeon also said, “We don’t really stress about it (competition with 2NE1), since we both have very different colors. I’m just really happy to be promoting along with many other singers. I also hope that our fans will continue to support us.”

Putting priority on keeping SNSD together and showing it to the fans over competition with others, Taeyeon concluded, “Our basic goal is to keep the top place. But more important is to keep SNSD together, and showing our activities as a whole to fans.”

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Article: Arts & Culture Part 1 – K-pop Girl Groups Go Head-to-Head with New Albums

Arts & Culture Part 1 – K-pop Girl Groups Go Head-to-Head with New Albums


And now it’s time for our regular Arts & Culture segment with Lee Tae Ho.
Today, Tae Ho brings us all the latest from the world of K-pop.
Good afternoon, Mr. Mr. Tae Ho.

Good afternoon, Yeon-ji.
Well, it seems that you are quite up to date on your K-pop hits.

Yes, I am.
So what’s the news in K-pop this week?

This week, and especially the past two days, has been big for fans of K-pop, with two powerhouse girl groups releasing brand-new albums on successive days.
Let’s go ahead and find out which groups are going head-to-head.

The ladies of the powerhouse girl group Girls’ Generation have finally released their long-awaited new mini album.
The album was released on February 24th, and it went straight to number one on nine online music charts here in Korea in just under an hour.
The lead single, “Mr. Mr.,” was produced by the world-renowned Underdogs, who have worked with such international stars as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
But will the ladies continue to show the world that this is still their generation?

Another powerhouse girl group is about to release its first full-length album in four long years.
The long-awaited album is by the Korean girl group 2NE1 and it’s called “Crush.”
2NE1’s label, YG Entertainment, has released teaser images for each member of the group leading up to the release, which will be at midnight, tonight.
Interestingly enough, one of the lead singles from the album is titled “Come Back Home” and it has drawn a great deal of attention here in Korea, because the title is the same as a hit song by the legendary group Seo Taiji and Boys, of which YG CEO Yang Hyun-suk was formerly a member.

In any case, whether you’re a fan of Girls’ Generation or 2NE1, February is shaping up to be a great month for fans of K-pop.


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Photo: Dara and Yoona Featured in M Issue Singapore for “Comeback Clash Between Kpop Queens: SNSD vs 2NE1”

The groups’ two visuals.. ^^



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News: Will 2NE1 ‘Crush’ Girls’ Generation In ‘All Or Nothing’ Battle?

Will 2NE1 ‘Crush’ Girls’ Generation In ‘All Or Nothing’ Battle? Billboard Highlights February 24 Release Date For Both Album Comebacks!


As 2NE1 prepares for their epic comeback, everyone is buzzing about their full-length album release date—the same day as Girls’ Generation.

As the two biggest K-pop girl groups in the world, 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation will be releasing two new albums on February 24—”Crush” and “Mr.Mr.,” respectively.

And while Girls’ Generation has already released a music video teaser for their comeback single “Mr.Mr.,” 2NE1 fans are still waiting for their own single and music video.

According to Billboard, “Crush” will drop on February 24, along with a teaser for the music video of the yet-to-be-announced single.

The single will then have its music video release on February 28, with reportedly “the largest budget for the group” at $470,000.

This is a slightly different tactic from Girls’ Generation, who will release the music video for “Mr.Mr.” on February 19, ahead of the album release.

It’s hard to tell whether this is intentional, but everyone is anticipating the epic music chart war that will descend upon K-pop when 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation release their albums at the same time.

Recently, 2NE1 has received a lot of worldwide attention, including a recent guest star appearance on popular ABC reality series “The Bachelor” and a new endorsement for CL with Maybelline New York.

In addition, 2NE1 has been covering the preparations and plans for their upcoming world tour “All or Nothing.”


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Article: Sistar, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation are hottest 3

Sistar, 2NE1, Girls’ Generation are hottest 3


Girls’ Generation or 2NE1?

A recent survey of entertainment industry experts showed that Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 are the two groups still at the top of K-pop, but are now sharing the turf with Sistar.

Five album directors, three promoters, two K-pop reporters, and two training managers were surveyed by the Sports Chosun, a daily specializing in entertainment and sports news. The girl groups were evaluated and ranked into six categories based on sales, popularity, impact on the K-pop scene and growth potential.

It found that the four-member Sistar has proven its star quality with such hits as “Give it to Me” last year, to make the top tier.

The nine-member Girls’ Generation also lived up to its fame last year by winning several international music awards with its January release of “I Got a Boy.”

The four-member 2NE1 were rated as faring generally well in domestic and overseas markets; the group has announced a world tour for this year.

“In contrast to Girls’ Generation, Sistar has concentrated on the domestic market. And this was crucial in beating out its long-time rival in the survey,” an unidentified music industry insider was quoted as saying in a related story.

Just below the top group stood f(x) and Girl’s’ Day, the former affirming its future potential with the last year’s hit song “Rum Pum Pum Pum” and the latter with this year’s “Something.”

The survey said a third category is comprised of miss A, 4minute, Secret and A pink. It was followed closely by After School, Brown Eyed Girls, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet and KARA. KARA fell by one notch, compared with the same survey last year, due to the departure of two popular members ㅡ Nicole and Kang Ji-young ㅡ in January.

Credits: Korea Times

Instagram: David Choi – “Amazing Korean talent in this room! 2ne1 and some other Korean legends…”

Amazing Korean talent in this room! 2ne1, SNSD, Kim Tae Woo, Lee Mee Ja, Insooni, and some other Korean legends. Recognize any?

Credit: davidchoimusic@instagram