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Video: 160719 Woody Milintachinda’s Fun Interview with Pretty, Bubbly Sandara Park for “Woody Talk”

Dara taught Woody how to say “Naega Jeil Jal Na Ga,” she also spoke in English, Tagalog, Korean, and Chinese! The interview was really fun, and I really hope that subs will come out soon.. ❤ 

Exclusive Interview with Popular Korean Singer, Sandara Park

Some of the things Dara said in the interview:

Thailand’s weather is good, the food here is delicious too, and I have lot of Thai fans so I like being here.

Head&Shoulders is a popular brand so I feel good to be able to represent it and it is an honor.

On stage I show a lovely image but I want to try to be pretty and sexy this time so I shake my hair a lot.

Whenever I come here to Thailand I eat Yum Woon Sen at morning till evening.

I have met his close friends but I haven’t met him. It would be nice if I get to meet him.


Photos: Thai Radio and TV Presenter Woody Milintachinda Interviews Sandara Park in Thailand

Dara had a short interview with Thai radio and TV presenter Woody Milintachinda after the press con and before the meet and greet.. ^^ It looked like they had a good time, look at their cute selcas together! ❤









Source: @Kaew_phanmile

Re-uploaded by: OhDara