– “I was so touched,” she shares. “Lately, I brought my friends, BigBang, to Manila. They were surprised! They said, ‘You are really popular here, Noona!’ They were really happy for me. G-dragon’s staff told him, “The crowd’s screams for Sandara was louder! GD was very happy and amazed, so I was really happy.” She adds fondly, “I told myself, “People who are really truly popular are like that: They aren’t insecure.”



[SNIPPET] – “Sandara on cam is more playful, more bright, because behind the camera, or when it’s off, I’m quiet,” she admits. “When I’m with my friends, I’m playful, but I am most playful on camera.”

[SNIPPET] – “I would really encourage younger people to travel a lot, because before, I was afraid to go to another country, because I had fear of flying…“But I think it’s really important to meet new people, and try new, different things – discover different cultures, different food. It’s really different. It’s like the world is so small if you don’t experience new things.”

[SNIPPET] – Dara shares that she isn’t just doing all this (singing, acting, etc) simply to fulfill a chilhood dream; now, she is doing it for the fans who throw their full support behind her, and who she clearly loves back.

– The fans drive her, inspire her, and keep her going.




Source: WeLoveDara

Re-Uploaded By: OhDara




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