Moonshot launch with Sandara Park


Last Thursday, Moonshot (one of Korea’s hottest beauty brands) launched its new Microfit and Moonflash Cushions (both SPF50+) at Sephora, Mid Valley. And guess what? Sandara Park was there! The crowd went absolutely wild!

Sandara, also known as Dara, is a South Korean singer, dancer, actor, host and is a member of the South Korean girl group 2NE1. Dara is the fresh face of the Moonflash Cushion while Kwon Ji-Yong (better known as G-Dragon from South Korean group Big Bang) is the face of the Microfit Cushion. Unfortunately, G-Dragon wasn’t able to make it for the launch as he was tied up with prior arrangements.

When Dara arrived, she was wearing a sweet frilly white dress and looked even more radiant in person. Her fans cheered and waved their hand-made posters as she took her seat on the stage for her press interview.

1. What does beauty mean to you?

Everyone has different personalities and that really makes everyone beautiful in his/her own way.

2. You’ve always been known to look fresh and radiant at the airport. What is your secret to looking great when traveling?

Moisturizing is very important, especially on the plane as the air is very dry. I like to use facial mists with oil, moisturizing creams and masks to keep my face hydrated.

3. If you only had about 10 – 15 minutes to get ready in a day, what makeup products would you use?

I would use only foundation, concealer and lip gloss. For a quick pop of colour, I like to use cream tints for both lips and cheeks.

4. What kind of makeup do you prefer?

My makeup artist says I look best with natural makeup, and I also prefer a more natural look when I’m not working.

5. What was one of your earliest experiences with makeup?

The first time I used makeup was for prom. I used my mother’s makeup and I looked so terrible and ugly! *laughs*.

6. Do you prefer strong statement looks for your music videos?

Yes, I prefer experimenting with different styles of makeup to suit the theme of the videos. I like to see different sides of Sandara Park.

7. Being a beauty icon, what is your daily beauty routine like?

I know it sounds really boring but I like to drink a lot of water, sleep as much as possible and work out at the gym.

8. How do you stay fit and energetic?

I always try to think positive and I get my energy from my fans! (To her fans) Thank you! Thank you for coming and for always being there for me.

And thank you for coming to visit dear Dara!

Moonflash and Microfit Cushions are now available at all Sephora outlets. The former has a milky pink texture and can be used as a highlighter to illuminate the skin while the latter is a light foundation that brightens the overall complexion.


And have you checked out their Jelly Pot eyeshadows and Cream Paints for lips and cheeks yet? I’m completely obsessed with them! Their textures and colours are pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself.


Credits: Marie Claire Malaysia

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