This guy is Yoo Junsung from group DOZ.. ^^ I wasn’t able to watch the full episode yet, but maybe he’s one of the producers? ^^


Joined Yoo Jae Suk’s Team!

Arrived early at the waiting room,
there was no one there yet,
and got a bit bored while waiting there by myself..

Then Sandara Park-ssi arrived!
I finally saw her!

I wasn’t able to see her when I was still doing activities under AVEX
She’s really very cute!

I love YG

Fantaken picture! OP is part of the 20s audience.. ^^



Before recording started,
to simply have something to fill me up,
I went to the convenience store with a friend.


I met Sandara Park face-to-face up close
(Had a heart attack)

It was the first time I saw a celebrity I really liked,
But I actually wasn’t able to say anything,
Not even a sound came out of me.

After that moment,
I had to go to the audience, but my mind was just a buzz
I couldn’t think of anything.

I actually saw her, and I’ve never seen anyone with a face that small,
It looked like it was disappearing
(T/N: lol, an exaggeration that means her face is really, really small)

<T/N: They shot for 2 hours, with a short 10-minute break>


Sources: Junsung Naver Blog , eotjs blog

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara



Comments on: "Photos+Translations: DOZ’s Yoo Junsung Snaps a Pic with “Very Cute” Sandara Park + Fanaccount of Sugarman Audience who had a “Heart Attack” After Seeing Dara in a Convenience Store Before Shooting" (3)

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