OMG!!! I just love how witty Dara is!!! She is very right though, cause together with their gorgeous smiles, they’re really glowing!!! ♡


“D-lite & D-bright :)”

BKO9OJ6CcAAtH2i.jpg large


Source: @Krungy21

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) Shares a Backstage Photo with Daesung – “D-Lite & D-Bright”" (13)

  1. Yo!

    Look what I’ve just found! It’s such a beauty, please take a look

    Yours truly, theincubusgirl

  2. D-bright , suit nickname for u , dara-yang ❤

  3. Daraling said:

    dae is wearing towel kekeke my perverted mind

  4. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Sweet unnie, always so supportive to her fellow YG family. Dae is Daebak, his voice is so sweet and high, like it so much!! D-lite Fighting, D-bright thank you for being so sweet >.< V

  5. Clever word play…

  6. Aaaaaaaah!!!! They’re too cute!!! Seeing them both smiling so brightly makes you beam, as well. ^^ Both of my biases, right there! Kekekeke. Ever supportive Dara unnie FTW! ❤

  7. Oh, Dae! Why cover yourself with a towel. Hmmp! Those 2 looked so cute! ❤

  8. this is so sweet!!! aigoo… dara, dara, sweet and bright dara!

    *wonder if dae’s not wearing a shirt that’s why he’s all covered…LOL…

  9. ohhhh dara so friendly…she really appreciate her friends before and now…

  10. rfioa21 said:

    i want 2 see D-LITE’s abs hehe 3:)
    dara’s smile =D

  11. their both gorgeous…….

  12. ibmeimei said:

    double D r soooo kawaiii!!! o(≧▽≦)o♥ 2 smiling angels in one frame~^____^ shining sooo bright bright bright~~~

  13. Sweet noona ^^

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