Oh my ghad, how adorable are these two? T_T All of YG Family interactions are love, butterflies, and rainbows with a little mischief thrown here and there, but I especially love Dara-Seungri conversations because they are just so cute and heartwarming and it leaves me with fuzzy, warm feels. Haha! ^^


Seungri: Black and gold Seungri +.+

Dara: @forvictoRi Oh, when has our principal (or school director) gotten even more handsome?!! I’m going to give you a Filipino nickname~ Mr. Pogi!!! ^_^

Seungri: @krungy21 And what would that mean?

Dara: @forvictoRi Pogi means handsome *.* Mr. Pogi~ Seungri!!!

Seungri: @krungy21 That’s cute, pogi, pogi

Dara: @forvictoRi Yes, you can use that term in the future~ ^.^


And this is the picture that Seungri uploaded that convinced Dara that the “Mr. Pogi” title rightfully belongs to Seungri! And indeed, Big Bang maknae is definitely a “Mr. Pogi!”



Sources: @krungy21 @forvictoRi on Twitter

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Cute Dara Gives Director Seungri A Filipino Nickname – “Mr. Pogi”" (15)

  1. What a cute conversation! I really love the friendship of Dara & Seungri, they really are the best buddies. ^_^

  2. these two are so cute! Seungri really is getting more handsome. My friends who watched BigBang concert also said that Seungri is the hottest among the BigBang members. They said he’s way good looking in person.

    • yeah, i think most of the fans or people that watched live BB already, said that Ri is the most handsome of them all.

  3. omg..he is and i love baby panda! so handsome. two of my bias is so sweet. love love love

  4. what cute convo.. I love them both.. they really are best of friends..

  5. Yeah, he really deserve the title “mr. Pogi” ㅋㅋㅋ ^^ aigoo~~ our maknae is really getting more and m

  6. MY FEELS. I CAN’T….

  7. sweetdara_12 said:

    mr. pogi panda. keke.. the maknae who’s always ruining my bias list.. cameras didn’t give him any justice because he’s reaaaaallllllllllyyyyy handsome in person.. kekekeke

    • really? have you seen him in person during their concerts?

      • sweetdara_12 said:

        yes.. he’s so handsome and manly.. me and my friends were like., O.O ooohhh a hot panda. haha!

        • you are entirely right.. seungri is so much handsome in person. he is flawless and has rosy cheeks… i know he is handsome but i did not expect him to be that handsome in person…

    • I can’t agree more!!!! Panda is freaking handsome in person!!! :)))
      Me and my friends have the same reaction when we saw him in person.
      I was like (O.O) wwoooaaahhhh!!! Is that really panda?! Drooooollllllll :p

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