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Twitter: Cute Dara Gives Director Seungri A Filipino Nickname – “Mr. Pogi”

Oh my ghad, how adorable are these two? T_T All of YG Family interactions are love, butterflies, and rainbows with a little mischief thrown here and there, but I especially love Dara-Seungri conversations because they are just so cute and heartwarming and it leaves me with fuzzy, warm feels. Haha! ^^


Seungri: Black and gold Seungri +.+

Dara: @forvictoRi Oh, when has our principal (or school director) gotten even more handsome?!! I’m going to give you a Filipino nickname~ Mr. Pogi!!! ^_^

Seungri: @krungy21 And what would that mean?

Dara: @forvictoRi Pogi means handsome *.* Mr. Pogi~ Seungri!!!

Seungri: @krungy21 That’s cute, pogi, pogi

Dara: @forvictoRi Yes, you can use that term in the future~ ^.^


And this is the picture that Seungri uploaded that convinced Dara that the “Mr. Pogi” title rightfully belongs to Seungri! And indeed, Big Bang maknae is definitely a “Mr. Pogi!”



Sources: @krungy21 @forvictoRi on Twitter

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara