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Twitter/Photos: Park Sisters Reminisce Fun Times in Disney Three Years Ago – “Dumbo Dara”

Park Sisters are just too cute!!! That scene from 2NE1 TV was so heartwarming ♡

Bom super happy cause she won the doll & Dara happy that it was given to her!

I hope they have enough time off to go enjoy themselves again

 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


DARA:Was this three years ago? The members gave me the nickname of Baby Elephant Dumbo when we went to Disney Land in the US. At that time Bom won this Dumbo doll at a game as a prize and she gave it to me as a present. That was a really cute memory ^__^ Dumbo Dara

BOM: Baby elephant Dumbo

Capture1DARA: Game expert Park Bom!!! The scene where she gave me a dumbo doll ^_^ Cute

BOM:  ㅋㅋㅋ That time I got the Dumbo with all my efforts!!! Got a lot…ㅋㅋㅋ

DARA: I want to go play again ^_^ Make good memories

BOM: Right?!… We can go again… When we have time let’s go again~~^^BLGvQM8CcAAhw7Y



Source: @krungy21 + @haroobomkum

Translated by: OuleySoleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara + 2ne1bbmania + ilove2NE1girls

Videos: 2NE1 TV Live In Japan – 5 Video Spots!

Oh my gosh! The episode looks daebakk! Wah! Can’t wait for it!

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (1)

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (2)

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (3)

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (4)

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (5)

2NE1tv Live in Japan – spot (6)

Credits: Mnet@Youtube + dcpinkmic@YouTube

Videos: 110816 2NE1 TV Episode 9! Dara The Thunder Stalker! XD

Dara was just soooo cute in this episode! Seriously, watch it and tell me if she isn’t anything but adorable and cute! Kekekeke! Her antics with CL, Bom, and Minzy are just so fun to watch! And watch her stalk Thunder too! Hahaha! XD

Credit: 2NE1

Videos: 2NE1 TV Episodes 5 and 6 With English Subs!

The girls are such a joy to watch! Really, they’re all very unique, with very diverse personalities, but in their differences, they find unity and a strong friendship. It’s really lovely to see them interact. And of course, Dara is just so adorable! Her personality really shines through..

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Credit: 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel

What’s your favorite scene in the two episodes? ^_^

[2NE1 TV] The Jjang Episode That Is The Making of UGLY MV!

EPIC! The whole freaking episode was epic! Dara was just sooo adorable in the entire video! Her driving and singing in the car, her looking forward to eat, her sleeping everywhere on the set, and her cute antics with the girls! Gaaahhh! Love love love! And of course, there’s CL-roo stepping up and being brave though she was scared by the sparks things, Bom’s 8Dness and bullying, and maknae Minzy’s cute impersonations! ^_^

Watch the vids and experience the epic episode yourself! ^_______^

The intro! Dara and her food! Kekeke!

Part 1! Dara driving and the start of Ugly MV shoot!

And the last part! Dara’s dorky antics in the end and 2NE1 love all around!

Thanks to the jjang dcspritetok@YT for the videos! ^_______^

Did you like the episode? Which part was your fave? Tell us below!

Twitter: MnetKR’s Tweets About Dara! ^_^

Mnet Korea’s Twitter account is doing a fantastic job updating us about 2NE1 TV! And what’s more, they keep tweeting about Dara and her parts in the episode, totally appreciated! They do translate the tweets into English, but there are some parts that weren’t translated, so I went ahead and did. ^_^

These are from the oldest to the latest tweets. Starting from June 19 to June 25. ^^


놀자!!! 박봄의 풍풍이 뭔지 알아? 2NE1의 홍보부장은 누구? 지금 Mnet <2NE1tv LIVE:WORLDWIDE>시작! 매주 화금6시라네.

Let’s play!!! Do you know what Park Bom’s Pung-pung is? Who is the PR Director of 2NE1? Now Mnet <2nE1tv LIVE: WORLWIDE> Start! Every week, broadcasting every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00PM.

<2NE1tv LIVE:WORLDWIDE>첫방! 두둥두둥두둥두둥두둥 with 다라

<2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE> The first room! Dudung, dudung, dudung, dudung, dudung, with Dara

다라의 방에서 발견한 천둥&다라의 다정한 사진:D

A sweet photo of Thunder&Dara found in Dara’s room 😀

2NE1tv LIVE:WORLDWIDE] 첫방 잘보셨어요? Dara가 감사의 인사 올립니다 이번주 금욜에 또봐요

[2NE1tv LIVE: WORLDWIDE] Which room looked the nicest? Dara says thank you for tuning in, and to see you this Friday. 곧 홍대여신! 싼쿠스틱 미투에 뜬 너무 예쁜 사진..빨간모자 퐌타스티끄 / Dara’s attractive red-color hat 😀

The future goddess of Hongdae! Ssancoustic’s nice picture uploaded on me2day.. Fantastic red hat / Dara’s attractive red-color hat 😀

Wassup!! 다라의 기타배우기..2NE1tv가 시작했어요! Dara’s Guitar Story begins!

Wassup!! Dara learning the guitar….2NE1tv, start! Dara’s Guitar Story begins!

싼쿠스틱 인사드려요! Let me introduce SSANCUSTIC! #mnet2ne1tv

Giving you, Ssancoustic! Let me introduce SSANCUSTIC!

다라의 탐탐이! 숑숑 TOMTOM, Dara’s adorable doll 🙂

Dara’s Tam Tam-i! *wiggle wiggle* TOMTOM, Dara’s Adorable Doll 🙂

T/N: I tried correcting them, and said “It’s Tam-Tam.. ^_^”  And they replied with: <기타치는 산다라박> 으로 활기차게 시작하는 월요일! 여러분은 기타치는 산다라박 중 어떤 패션이 마음에 드나요?

<Guitar-playing Sandara Park> To start your Monday vigourously! Everyone, play the guitar; which Sandara Park fashion in the photo is your type?



Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

[TRANS][NEWS] Watch 2NE1 and Study English! “2NE1 TV” English Version Broadcast

Watch 2NE1 and Study English! “2NE1 TV” English Version Broadcast

While watching girl group 2NE1, one can can also be able to learn English.

On the 22nd, According to MNet, MNet’s “2NE1 TV Live Worldwide” would have an international version each weekend, for the international audiences.

“2NE1 TV” which is a 30-minute broadcast made twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday, will also be shown in the USA, and will be aired every Sunday, at 6:00PM, local time, broadcasted through MNet US.

The content of the broadcast will be the same as that shown in South Korea. South Korea would have the broadcast on Saturdays at 2:00PM and 8:00PM and on Sunday at 12:00MN, with a total of three broadcasts. The Tuesday and Friday broadcasts can be seen by the viewers from South Korea again on weekends with English subtitles added to them (T/N: ONLY the weekend broadcasts would have English subs.^_^)

An MNet representative revealed, “Basically, when we have local musicians star in reality shows, the broadcast would naturally be in Korean, but we figured that it would be great to air the show with English subtitles so that it would be beneficial and easier also for for the local audience,” he said.

He followed, “Before, broadcasts were only live in Korea and these programs were never aired on sites like YouTube, but now international music fans have shown that they are highly interested in these programs. Thus, we were able to organize and plan this,” he said.

MNet further said, “Moreover, local viewers who wish to learn English, purposely watch TV broadcasts made by English-speaking countries, including programs in the United States; thus, this version is a special combination that’s made for people to enjoy, specially for those who wish to learn English and for those international viewers,” he said.

Meanwhile, “2NE1 TV’ is a reality show starring local musicians, which is the first to be simultaneously broadcasted in 10 countries aside from Korea.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

[TRANS][NEWS] “2NE1 TV Is Back!” First Premiere Broadcast “Success” with 20,000 Viewers!

“2NE1 TV Is Back!” First Premiere Broadcast “Success” with 20,000 Viewers!

The reality show featuring the girl group, 2NE1 <2NE1 TV LIVE: WORLDWIDE> (Directed by Choi Jae Yoon), broadcasted its special premiere episode on YouTube, via Mnet’s official channel, on the 18th.

Yesterday’s special broadcast for 2NE1TV showed the highlights previously shown on the 2009 and 2010 season of the show. It was a 60-minute special brought on by MNet US, for US fans to anticipate the show more; the same special was made available to other countries through Mnet’s YouTube channel for live streaming.

With more than 20,000 people from different countries all over the world watching <2NE1 TV> in the YouTube streaming, the situation escalated so that a re-run was decided on.

The encore broadcast was decided by the Mnet <2NE1 TV> crew. In addition, the original 30 minutes airtime for the first episode, was doubled to 60 minutes when they recognized the hot reaction that the show garnered.

In addition, each week’s broadcast would feature a personal episode for each member. <2NE1 TV> first broadcast would be on the 19th, at 6:00PM, and would air every Tuesday and Friday.

The first season of <2NE1 TV> was broadcasted on 2009, and this season’s  first episode would feature a panicking 2NE1 seeing more cameras installed in their new house, then trying to turn off all the cameras, and would also show their preparations for broadcast promotions for their new song, “I Am The Best.

Meanwhile,held a successful special US premiere broadcast event last 15th (local date), at the LA CGV Theater, Los Angeles.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Me2day: The Countdown Continues… D-8

Good morning!!! ^.^ It’s a great feeling Monday morning!!! Keke, this person is our corny PD Lee!!! He’s the person that’s been staying up all night lately editing things out! But he still appears tidy?! Is this the dignity of PD Hoonam that we expected??? Keke, let’s all cheer on our banana loving PD Banana! Fighting!!!^^ (Translated by: kimchi

Hoonnam is short for 훈훈한남자 (hoonhoonhan namja) which literally translates to nice guy, but I think it’s also supposed imply that he’s good looking as well? (credits: elise @

Source: dara’s me2day

Photos: [Caps] Dara with 2NE1 TV Crew?

Credit: pink ★ MIC @DC2NE1 + thanks to rice_daarol@twitter for sharing 🙂


I think this was about the same time Dara visited Thunder @ MBLAQ‘s comeback stage performance. I spot PD Choi, with curly hair, walking behind Dara… and I think we’ve also seen the cute guy in blue in previous stalker clips and pics (part of the crew… one of the PDs, perhaps?). I wonder if these caps are part of a 2NE1 TV teaser or caps from fancams. 😉

EDIT: The cute guy in blue is most probably PD Hun Nam who was featured in Dara’s most recent update. 😀