Watch 2NE1 and Study English! “2NE1 TV” English Version Broadcast

While watching girl group 2NE1, one can can also be able to learn English.

On the 22nd, According to MNet, MNet’s “2NE1 TV Live Worldwide” would have an international version each weekend, for the international audiences.

“2NE1 TV” which is a 30-minute broadcast made twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday, will also be shown in the USA, and will be aired every Sunday, at 6:00PM, local time, broadcasted through MNet US.

The content of the broadcast will be the same as that shown in South Korea. South Korea would have the broadcast on Saturdays at 2:00PM and 8:00PM and on Sunday at 12:00MN, with a total of three broadcasts. The Tuesday and Friday broadcasts can be seen by the viewers from South Korea again on weekends with English subtitles added to them (T/N: ONLY the weekend broadcasts would have English subs.^_^)

An MNet representative revealed, “Basically, when we have local musicians star in reality shows, the broadcast would naturally be in Korean, but we figured that it would be great to air the show with English subtitles so that it would be beneficial and easier also for for the local audience,” he said.

He followed, “Before, broadcasts were only live in Korea and these programs were never aired on sites like YouTube, but now international music fans have shown that they are highly interested in these programs. Thus, we were able to organize and plan this,” he said.

MNet further said, “Moreover, local viewers who wish to learn English, purposely watch TV broadcasts made by English-speaking countries, including programs in the United States; thus, this version is a special combination that’s made for people to enjoy, specially for those who wish to learn English and for those international viewers,” he said.

Meanwhile, “2NE1 TV’ is a reality show starring local musicians, which is the first to be simultaneously broadcasted in 10 countries aside from Korea.


Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

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  1. fabulous said:

    that’s helpful, engrish will now be annihilated a year from now..

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