The girls are such a joy to watch! Really, they’re all very unique, with very diverse personalities, but in their differences, they find unity and a strong friendship. It’s really lovely to see them interact. And of course, Dara is just so adorable! Her personality really shines through..

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Credit: 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel

What’s your favorite scene in the two episodes? ^_^

Comments on: "Videos: 2NE1 TV Episodes 5 and 6 With English Subs!" (10)

  1. I love all the episode of 2NE1TV from season 1 where they were still rookies and trying to get to know their personalities then season 2 where they got a chance to work with BEP’s travellubg from LA to London and then season 3 where the girls mature not only individually but also in their music as well. I think all the girls are
    treated fairly when it comes to camera time. Some fans just love to pick on Dara for whatever reason I do not know cause I’ve been a fan from day 1 that they debuted although Dara has been my favorite but I also notice and pay attention to CL, Bom and Minzy. Only in season 3 that we get to see less CL which some fans were talking that CL has more responsibility being the leader and probably was busy doing stuff for the other girls. but of course if your only a fan of one and not four you will only see that person but if your a fan of four you will notice all of the four so that’s the reason some BJ’s were fighting since some are just a fan of one person in the group and doesn’t pay attention to the others so complain starts that only one has a lot of camera exposure when in fact the four of them are all being shown in 2NE1 TV but since they were only focusing with their favorites in the group they didn’t notice that the four are all in the show. In season 3 we get to see the funny and serious side of 2NE1. Minzy talks about how hard she works giving her best effort in her singing and dancing yet no one seems to notice her. In ep. 6 I saw how she cares for Dara when the latter forgot to eat. Bommie also show her serious side thinking about her future in her singing career since she’s not getting any
    younger. Dara talks about how people will never understand her if you never experience what she’s gone through. I think those words are for her detractors/haters that keeps bashing her in 2NE1 YT channel. Yet inspite of being criticized by her detractors Dara never show how hurt she was, the girl still show her bright personality in TV. Even when YG said how bad she was in their dance practice in ep. 6 she still keeps her head high and did her best practicing with Bom and Minzy. CL talks about how everyone shoul listen to music as a getaway when dealing with problems to relax yourself. The leader also show her soft side in this episode how she loves collecting stuff animals. In this episode they showed us not only their professionalism in the
    work they do but they also show how human
    they were. Each has their own flaws and
    strength yet their individuality is what makes them unique.

  2. Dara dara bright dara!!!Love her<333

  3. ugly&unhappy said:

    thanks for the vids oh dara… you have made many people around the world happy. I hope you read this, i have a confession… at first, i was not a fan of Dara, I was just intrigued because many people keep bashing her.. as if she cant do anything right and doesnt belong with 2ne1… but after some time i have come to love her personality.. she is very positive even with all of the negative comments bombarded to her… i can see that she tries very hard to improve herself and finally…. now… I and many many people i believe can clearly see her big improvement…. she is a very good and concrete example of people who are not born with the talent but is able to achieve her dream because she is hardworking, has an amazing fighting spirit and a drive to continously improve herself… I hope she will never change and will always keep on believing herself….

    also, her laughter is like sunshine to the soul…. the way she loves CL, Minzy & Bom is sooo heartwarming… hope 2ne1 will stay for a very long time…

    • Thank you so much for your comment! We are glad that Dara is able to show others what we have already seen from the very beginning! ^^ Welcome to the beautiful world of Dara. Thank you for coming here.

    • thumbs up! 🙂

      i don’t know what dara feels or if she knows how her fans feel that she’s not given enough part in their songs. but she never (ever?) showed us she’s so negatively affected by it. whenever they perform onstage, she always “play”: her inner joy/gratefulness/eagerness just shines thru her smile, making her glow onstage… all those sexy/lonely/cutey/tomboy characterizations… how she remains hyper after their win in mc though she must be as exhausted as minzy and especially bom who were subdued… she should be one of our inspirations whenever we feel burdened by life’s challenges.

      i’m glad teddy made special mention of her “ugly” part–praising her voice, determination and ability to let him feel it. (it somehow soothes the disappointment of the lack of dara in the song and even in the mv. well, she’s a beauty, right?) she really made that part a haunting contrast to the explosiveness of the chorus. i’m hoping for yg/teddy to have more confidence in her that they’ll give her more more lines to sing next time, and not just entrusting the promotions to her. if they won’t, hope they let her shine in other areas aside from ads and 2ne1tv. even brief enough since they’ll be busy for the rest of the year.

      i read a comment in yt that others are complaining about too many dara cams in 2ne1tv. i honestly think some of the eps were like daratv. in some recent eps, she even opened and/or closed the show (luv ep 5’s ending : ) maybe, she likes doing it the most. wasn’t ep 2 the best as she struggled with the f chord? she was like retrogressing with her diff. looks until she looked like a very young teen! maybe mnet luvs her moments or interactions with the cam (or the guy behind the cam, or even the fans beyond). maybe mnet knows she would click with the audience. or maybe pd (choi?) simply adores her LOL 😀

      • ugly&unhappy said:

        you really do express your thoughts very well… i was thinking about those things also but sadly i could not express it as clearly as you do. yes, you are very right and i am soo happy that dara is given a lot of cuts in 2ne1 tv… maybe those people editing are captivated by her open face, contageous (is the spelling right?) laughter and lovable personality.. .. anyway, for all those “other people” in YT, they will just have to live with it as we are always living with the fact that dara is not given enough singing lines & MV & live performance cuts… maybe this is just YG’s way of showing fairness… 😉

        • aww,i got teary-eyed reading your comments (@ugly&unhappy and @bc)…i totally agree with what you said…just as dara remains strong in overcoming her challenges, we will remain constant in supporting her in whatever path she takes…i am a proud fan! :))

          • @skye05: awww… :> all of us have struggles in our lives, but isn’t it more difficult when other people, who don’t know much about u, try to put u down not just repeatedly but for all the world to see? yet we still see dara smiling to the world. i really think that happy & grateful smile of hers is a key factor why guys, fans and advertisers are drawn to her. and it really enhances her beauty.

        • this is rather late but thank u! expressing my thoughts that well actually doesn’t happen often lol… it’s just that i was touched by ur comments… yeah it cud be yg’s way of “leveling of the field”. but it’s a downer, right? i mean, if she has much more exposure in 2ne1tv than in their songs, does it mean that yg doesn’t think she deserves to be singing 2ne1 songs? dara is foremost a member of a singing group; not a reality tv star or pr director or product endorser 😦 well…i do believe that her beauty, personality and me2day are among the reasons for 2ne1’s popularity.

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