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Video: 2NE1 TV, Episode 10, English Subbed!

CL’s Episode with Eng Subs!

Credits: 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel

Videos: 2NE1 TV Episodes 5 and 6 With English Subs!

The girls are such a joy to watch! Really, they’re all very unique, with very diverse personalities, but in their differences, they find unity and a strong friendship. It’s really lovely to see them interact. And of course, Dara is just so adorable! Her personality really shines through..

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Credit: 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel

What’s your favorite scene in the two episodes? ^_^

2NE1TV: Dara’s Guitar Story and BoMinzy’s Story With Eng Subs!

YG finally uploaded Dara’s Guitar Story on 2NE1’s Official Channel! I loved every minute of the episode. Dara is just so adorable and funny. Kekeke! And the Park sisters’ moments were EPIC! Those two are just so funny together!

Here’s the video! Enjoy and tell us what you think about Dara’s guitar episode!

And of course, we also have Bom and Minzy’ episode! Minzy’s cute monologues and collections! And Bom’s attempts at bungee jumping! Kekeke! ^_^

Credits to 2NE1’s Official YouTube Channel!