Kyaaa!!! I can’t get enough of these Dara GIFs!!! They are so so cute!!! ^____^ Hahaha! Daralings are really jjang!!! Thank you @S_Bar_pinky for these adorable goodies!!! <333

Dara in her red truck! XD

Dara on a sheep? LOL!

Dara and Thunder, literally. XD

Dara in gift box? I want that gift for myself!!! 

More cute GIFs after the cut!!! ^_^

Thanks so much @S_Bar_Pinky! ^_^

Comments on: "Random Goodies: Cute, Funny and Adorable GIFs of Goddess Dara" (8)

  1. Dara in a bikini. kyaaah!!!


  3. cute

  4. ahahaha. Dara on a 300 body is hilarious. the others are sooooooo cute but i love the last one coz it’s so Dara doing that hand gesture. hehe. fresh Dara is back!

  5. funny……^_^

  6. justsomerandomguy said:

    I don’t want to sound rude or whatso but I think it’s not a sheep but a llama.

    Anyways, Dara + cute animations = Unicorns, rainbows and cookies.

  7. super sweeeeet…

  8. Cute 🙂

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