Kyaaa! Shabekuri was super fun!!! <333  The girls all did something individually, CL taught the hosts a dance, Maknae Mingkki showed a powerful dance, Bom played table tennis with one of the hosts, and Dara charmed the other hosts and gave them her business cards! Hahaha! Dara so kawaii!!! ^___^

Aaaah, 2NE1’s part was too short! I was hoping for more since the show was super funny!!!I hope next time they’ll be on longer! ^_^

Oh! Both “Dara” and “Dara-chan” trended in Japan! “2NE1” and “Minzy” trended too! Go girls!!! <333

Watch the show below! ^^




Source: @tonyaaa1217ton + @me21bom + @BJN_21 + @keitadj + @YGLeaders + @CLove21eader9 + @kao_cediu + @ki30ri + @TheDearestDara + navmir21@Youtube

Comments on: "Video/Photos: 120514 Adorable 2NE1 on Shabekuri 007 (Japan)" (11)

  1. about time she charms her way to Japanese’ hearts. If YG was smarter theyd let her sing longer parts in songs too coz Japan loves sweet lovely voices like hers.

  2. kyah! DARA is freaking awesome.. she captivated everybody’s heart 😀 she’ trended wow!

  3. She basically just stood there and she trended already??? Lol, the power of a Goddess! ^^

  4. i went to twitter a while ago to see how the japanese people reacted towards dara.
    althought i dont know japanese google translate helped me get an idea lol
    from what i translated it seems they find her cute.and they wanted her business card too =P

  5. arlene_2ne1&mblaq said:

    not once but twice

  6. dara_woo said:

    do you know why dara trended in japan?

    i love her overall look here….wish she did something else though, rather than just giving card to the hosts…and i thought the show would be longer…..

  7. youaredbest said:

    dara trended because she is a novelty. 🙂

  8. youaredbest said:

    thanks for the caps!!

  9. cherryb said:

    Dara trends high on Twitter Japan when 2NE1 have guest appearances. This also happened for Heyx3.

  10. Hahaha The dorkable Ssantoki strike again<33 Fake maknae and Real maknae<33 😀

  11. daragiaa said:

    Dara trended bcoz she’s too pretty? Aigoo our Dara

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