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Photos: Cute GIFs From Nikon 1 J2 Photo Movie Episode 3!

Can Dara get even more adorable? Yes, she can! How cute is she while taking selcas?! T_T 

More GIFs of the CF with Dara and Super Man after the cut!


Goodie: Super Adorably Cute Ssantokki!!!

Sorry, I can’t help but make a post for this.

Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!! DARA IS JUST SO CUTE IN THIS GIF!!! T___T She is so adorable in soooo many levels!!! I can’t! My innocent, playful ssantokki! SO ADORABLE!!!! <333

Credit: @NOKIOV

Goodie: Oh So Sexy Dara GIFs from 2NE1’s “I Love You” MV


GIFS: “I Am The Best” MV

There are so many awesome parts to this MV to GIF! Like seriously! I did the best that I could to compile some of them. ^_^ Most of these gifs are from tumblr.

Credits: heartand-seoul + ji-ying + hellyeahtaeminzy + princewon + to-anyone + jibberishh + charieee + angel0fmusic + brainteaser + 302072 + takemetoseoul + stretchofscenery + ilikemaking2ne1gifs + shineetulove + 180888 + angelkate93 + iscreamgd + 3677x + bubblefriedegg + xjinkimad + qorea + nanataemin + robsterr-x + chixshin + jomiii + As Tagged @Tumblr