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Instagram: Sweet, Giving, Wonderful Goddess Dara will be Sharing her Kiiroitori Stuffed Toys with the “Cute Babies” at Childrens’ Rehabilitation Hospital ~ “The Love of Blackjacks would be Absorbed by the Children”

Dara has such a big heart.. Newsen released an article and said, “Sandara Park shows a heart as beautiful as her outward appearance.” And this is so true. We Dara fans have been privy to this ever since the start, how she loves and loves fiercely, how she gives with her heart, and pours her soul into what she believes in.. ❤ I hope that we attain even half of how good you are, Dara-ya, indeed you are one person worthy to emulate. ^_^

For every hater out there who keeps questioning her “ulterior” motives, for every nay-sayer saying she’s childish, for every basher who goes after her for even so much as breathing, all I can say is good luck and I hope that you fare well in life and find reasons to love than to hate. Because how could one ever look at this precious soul and not see how her heart is so big and pure and loving? ^_^ 

I think that Dara wrote the caption so that fans would understand why she will give away the stuffed Kiiroitori toys we gave her. It’s because she doesn’t want us to misunderstand and think that she’s throwing our gifts away because she doesn’t appreciate it. Like what Dara said, those gifts are precious to her, and I believe that she found comfort and love from them. But now she saw others that would appreciate and need the gifts now more than her. So that’s why she’s sharing. ❤


Yesterday, I went to the Purme Foundation Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, where I met cute babies. I thought that while the children are getting treatment, it will be good if they are happy and have fun while getting healthier, so I suddenly thought of all the stuffed toys I had back home because of all the fans that gave me a lot as gifts!!! They are all precious gifts given by the fans, but recently I’ve grown up a lot so I can do well even without the stuffed toys; thus I thought that it will be better to give the stuffed toys to the little children who would surely like them even more than I do. So I’m going to  share my chick stuffed toys to the children. The love of all the Blackjacks will be absorbed by the children as well ~ As always, thank you very much ^.^ I’m too big to have these now that i would like to pass these stuffed toys to children who would love playing with these. Thank you Blackjacks for your thoughtful contribution. 😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I wish that the children will read this happily ~ 😀


I went to the children’s library at the Childrens’ Rehabilitation Hospital together with Sean-oppa~ 📚




Children’s library


Sources: daraxxicn + daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara / SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Fancams: 130622 2NE1 Performs at Asia Style Collection 2013 in Singapore

I Am The Best

I Love You

Click the link below for more fancams!


OMG Fancam: 130430 Happy 4th Anniversary of OMG! (DARA ver)

Here is a multi-angle fancam of I Love You from different events! This is a special gift from Oh My Goddess as they are celebrating their 4th anniversary today. ^_^ Happy happy anniversary OMG! ❤ We are all so thankful for all the Dara goodies you share and of course, for your unending love and support for Dara. Thank you so so much! We love you guys! ^_^

Guys, let’s all drop by at or at @ohmygoddessDARA to congratulate them for the 4 years of endless Dara loving! ^_^ Weee! ♥

[FANCAM] 130430 happy 4th Anniversary of OMG (DARA ver) *multi

Credits: @OMG_SANDAR + @ohmygoddessDARA + @Oh My Goddess!

Video: 130407 Official Broadcast of 2NE1’s Performance at Korean Music Wave 2013 in Bangkok

The girls performed more songs at the event but only one song was broadcasted per group. T_T Check out the girls’ I Love You performance at the KMW 2013 in Bangkok! ^^

Credits: Kpoplivehdhd2

Info/Caps: 2NE1, Big Bang and PSY Nominated at the MYX Music Awards 2013 (Philippines)

MYX Music Awards 2013 (Philippines) nominated 2NE1’s “I Love You”, Big Bang’s “Monster” and PSY’s “Gangnam Style” for Favorite K-Pop Video! ^_^

Let us help our girls win (once again) by voting HERE!


Source: MYX Music Awards 2013

Info/Caps: 2NE1 Wins at the 2012 Soompi Gayo Awards

Weee! More awards added under our girls’ names! ^^ PSY sunbae and Big Bang oppas won numerous awards too! Congratulations YG Family! ❤


2NE1, Big Bang and Psy made it top the Top 10 Artists of 2012, while 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’ also made it to the Top 50 Songs of the Year and was chosen as the Top Digital Song Of The Year!

Untitled-1Click here to see the full list of winners! ^_^

Source: Soompi

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Goodies: TVXQ and Super Junior Watching 2NE1’s Performance at SBS Gayo Daejun (Fancams)

Battling with myself if I should post this, but in the end decided to post. Keke! ^^ The guys looks so cute enjoying 2NE1’s performance. Yunho seems to know the lyrics very well as he was singing  along to the girls. Even clapping his hands to the rhythm. ^^

Super Junior on the other hand seems to be very focused in the performance. Siwon was like a CEO monitoring his artists. Kekeke~ And Eunhyuk seems to be having fun too! Look at them whispering to each other, while watching the girls, like a bunch of high school boys. Kekeke~ ^^

Credits: maxyuchu + maxyuchu

Article: 2NE1’s ‘I Love You’ ranks #1 on PopJustice’s ‘The Top 15 K-Pop Singles of 2012’

Yey! 2NE1’s I Love You made it into another list of best songs in 2012! ❤ Even though they released only one song this year, the song still got a lot of achievements and made it into different lists of best songs! I’m so proud of the girls! ^_^

The Top 15 K-Pop Singles of 2012

 1. 2NE1 – ‘I Love You’

With a few “oo-wa-oooh, oo-wa-ooohs,” ‘I Love You’ combines the the best bits of pop into a rarefied cavalcade of amazingness. It’s essentially a Xenomania-style medley-in-a-song. The song starts off with an ‘I Feel Love’-esque disco gloss, but transforms into a monster about 40 seconds from the end with a spill-your-drink synth explosion. CL, Minzy, Bom and Dara also rhyme “I love you every day in every way” with “neol saranghae,” the Korean for ‘I love you.’ This is the song that made me most excited about pop this year. You hear something new every time you listen to it.

Best Bit: The shots of Dara among red lanterns in the snow from 1:04 – 1:16, among Mad Men sillhouettes, who – pouf! – disappear into thin air.

Check out Big Bang’s Blue at 2nd place and all the other songs on their list below!


Video: 2NE1 And Lee Hi Perform 1,2,3,4 and I Love You For MBC Gayo Daejun

Oh my ghad! This stage was epic! 2NE1 and Lee Hi totally did an awesome job performing each other’s songs! I love how 2NE1 gave their own colors into “1,2,3,4” they totally rocked it! And CL’s rap at the start, OMG CL, do you know how much I miss hearing you rap? T_T And Dara is beyond gorgeous! I love what she is wearing, totally so so so sexy! I like how 2NE1’s outfits are so colorful and awesome! Lee Hi also looked super cute in her dress! The way she did “I Love You” is cool as well!

2NE1 and Lee Hi On MBC Gayo Daejun – 1,2,3,4 and I Love You

HD Vid

Credits: 원영 최 and TanVuMBC

Video: 2NE1 Performs ‘I Love You’ at the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun

And 2NE1 finally uploaded their performance on their official YT channel! Weee! ^^ 

Credits: 2NE1