Oh my ghad! This stage was epic! 2NE1 and Lee Hi totally did an awesome job performing each other’s songs! I love how 2NE1 gave their own colors into “1,2,3,4” they totally rocked it! And CL’s rap at the start, OMG CL, do you know how much I miss hearing you rap? T_T And Dara is beyond gorgeous! I love what she is wearing, totally so so so sexy! I like how 2NE1’s outfits are so colorful and awesome! Lee Hi also looked super cute in her dress! The way she did “I Love You” is cool as well!

2NE1 and Lee Hi On MBC Gayo Daejun – 1,2,3,4 and I Love You

HD Vid

Credits: 원영 최 and TanVuMBC

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 And Lee Hi Perform 1,2,3,4 and I Love You For MBC Gayo Daejun" (27)

  1. 2NE1 really knows how to add their own flavor to any song, is a popular song but they made me love their version even more 😛
    They can take on a song and make it their own, that’s what I love about them~
    Dara’s line maybe short but she nailed it nonetheless~
    She was effortlessly sexy that night,
    so thank you stylist, for hearing our pleas~ LOL!
    2NE1’s I love You is one of my faves, since it can showcase Dara’s strength.
    I love her parts the most, so i was kinda, just a tiny bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see that on MBC, 😛 but it’s ayt~
    The “Dara can’t sing” comment is something that doesn’t bother me anymore, not because I have grown numbed to it but simply because she has proven time and time again that SHE CAN! 😛 So, whatever those people say, I just don’t take it seriously no more, I know what’s real anyway, my Goddess can sing and is an awesome performer.HA! 😛
    The I love You acoustic version has showcase Dara’s type of voice the most and Minji’s too~ I would love to hear Dara sing MYMP songs too! ^^
    2NE1 and Lee Hi Jjang! 😀
    Dara Baby I Love Youuu~ 😛

  2. belle_2ne1 said:

    .SHORT….SHORTER…….da shortest line she sang..AND WHAT NEXT?JAZ A DANCER.. so much dissapointed and ….. i really feel bad for my Dara coz she looks like im jaz a dancer….Papa YG/Papa Teddy, why you always do this to her,,i respect and admire YG but You hurt me so much….,it’s better to accept that Dara cant participate this event coz she’s still not feeling well than watching her and singing Im going going craZY,,,~!!!THATS ALL?????SORRY GUYS BUT CANT TAKE IT>>….it hurt me so much for my Dara….how can SHE prove herself to to her HATERS THAT THEYR REALLY WRONG FOR BASHING HER!…WE ALWAYS DEFEND HER..PROTECT OUR GODDESS D..BUT NO MATTER WHAT WE DID FOR HER, IT ALL USELESS…always giving her seconds for her lines>>i love Dara so much thats why im so much in pain…….

  3. ckjack_bla said:

    Don’t mind the haters and just enjoy the music ;D
    Their stage is the best performance in MBC Gayo Daejun! Oh, 2NE1 will always be the best. 😀 I love the production, delivery of song, swag and their ability to make crowed hyped up! Amazing! It’s PERFECTION!!!

  4. dara maybe have a least lines on them but she have the best facial expression of them all.dara’s voice is very soothing to the ear and who says can’t sing?she can reach high notes.dara is the best and i like her to the highest.dara fighting!

  5. I love Dara!!!! Period! I don’t want to be negative this coming year so I will not think about whether Dara has less lines in this performance but just be thankful that another year w/ my beautiful & angelic Dara has come to pass. And when 2ne1 makes a comeback this 2013 I’ll make sure to support them all the way! I will support all of Dara’s project whatever it might be- that’s my new year resolution.

  6. OMG gee i just noticed DARA’s sexy move’s.. i think im gooing crazy crazy ohhhh… ❤ 2NE1 ❤

  7. Dara gogogo………… good job last night…………

  8. actually i’ve expected that Dara won’t be having much line in 1234 but have you check her dancing?!.. her moves are really awesome always on point.. plus the fx of her outfit…

  9. the more i see the girly dara…the more i want her to be in a drama….seriously her face really shouts “ACTRESS”……classic beauty….

  10. this perf is much better from yesterday,,,,maybe bec there’s something new…….im loving the fact that dara is more confident now in showing her skin……she should continue this girly dara….don’t know where to look….in her legs or her gorgeous face….LOL….i need fancams focused on dara……their voices are great…..bom and minzy really did good…..and cl’s rap….great way to start the perf!!,,,,,dara’s line is short…maybe bec the song needs voices like bom and minzy’s…..but she still did great…..

  11. I won’t mind their harsh comments..let’s just continue to support them..2ne1 daebak!

  12. As i said before guys, less expectation less heartaches 🙂 In my opinion, CL, Bom, and Dara has flaws in singing and minzy is the most stable among the four thus sometimes these 3 are always get criticized buttt they are PERFORMERS and they perform well on stage and making the audience be part of it <3… What do you prefer, a technically great singer who doesnt get a damn if the audience listen and feel the music or a PERFORMER who makes the audience feel the music<3

    • cheeneeta said:

      Same observation..among the 4,minji has the most stable tone,yet less lines are also given to her..maybe because her less lines are compensated with choreo as she is the resident dancer of the group.. I think each person in the group support each other strength nd weaknesses that’s why they blended so well as a group..only those trashy persons canno

      • cheeneeta said:

        Trashy haters always have shitty something to say and they can aleays go to hell hahaha

    • couldn’t agree more….dara is my bias..but i admit…minzy has the best singing voice compared to bom…and her voice suits the song best…haha…i kinda wanna laugh when other people say..this person has the best voice for 1,2,3,4 ..cause i say..it’s definitely minzy!!!!

  13. cheeneeta said:

    another thing,,,, CL also suffered hurtful comments because of her ballad collab in SBS gayo… but that doesn’t mean she too cannot sing well.. here performance today in MBC gayo, somewhat redeemed her from her performance in SBS… again, its a matter of choosing the right song that would fit to each tone…

  14. cheeneeta said:

    for those saying that dara can’t sing, well perhaps they should check first themselves… those comments are purely out of line and y question dara’s abilities when YG himself recognizes that dara’s force balances the group? even JYP admitted in one of his interview that dara has this certain charisma that cannot be found on others… its just that as compared to cl, minji and bommie dara’s voice is softer and not on a diva like side… but this does not mean that she can’t sing….

    if they like proof, they can check her collab with seven, gummy and bae during the YG fam concert, and her lines in lonely… even tabi during his early interviews, mentioned that dara has this special tone of hers that is soothing and beautiful to ears… its a matter of choosing the right songs that could fit to her tone…

  15. i feel sad also I waited for this performance because of dara, then YG give her less lines in the song… OMG. I hope next time YG will give dara more Lines or her own song… or other project…

  16. i totally love the outfit of Dara tonight ❤ But , Seriously i really hope Dara can get more chance of performing the song rather than her change in appearance 😦 I'm happy that YG stylist finally "more" willing to give Dara a gorgeous & feminine look , but when i saw most of the comment at other website just " Dara so sexy / She really need more lines " & for other members "nice voice/ best rapper/ her voice is so fit into the song… " i'm so sad , 4 yrs already , i'm stil heart aching when i saw those repeated hurtful comments like " Dara can't sing… Even maybe YG will take her out the group in 2013 " i really didn't dare 2 hope anymore…

    • agree. short singing line again. grrrr…. i know the song is of husky type of voice. as much as i like her look tonight. honestly ygent is doing nothing how to showcase more of her singing. i just wish they’ll have a good arranger to suit everyones voice.

      • i really feel bad and disappointing! dara shes the best…. for me…… i wish next time Yg will give each girls equal lines in the song.

    • i dont mind YG pulling Dara out of the group for as long as she will be concentrating in doing drama’s, + SO PEOPLE WOULD KNOW WHY SHE IS IN 2NE1, im sure shes as important as the others.

  17. what a great way to start 2013! Love how Dara’s been wearing girly skirts these days, from sbs to mbc gayo daejun… While and Bom’s kinda opting for pants?

  18. cheeneeta said:

    EPIC performance from the Girls!!!!from the dress, looks, to the swag!!! 2NE1 owned the song!!! love it 🙂

  19. 2ne1 they are the best.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Their performance was definitely worth the wait!! I hope 2NE1 will have at least a mini album this year and that Dara will get a new endorsement and may Oh-Dara have a very happy new year!! I’m so happy to have found this site and I hope this year will be filled with more wonderful news of Dara!!!!

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