Battling with myself if I should post this, but in the end decided to post. Keke! ^^ The guys looks so cute enjoying 2NE1’s performance. Yunho seems to know the lyrics very well as he was singing  along to the girls. Even clapping his hands to the rhythm. ^^

Super Junior on the other hand seems to be very focused in the performance. Siwon was like a CEO monitoring his artists. Kekeke~ And Eunhyuk seems to be having fun too! Look at them whispering to each other, while watching the girls, like a bunch of high school boys. Kekeke~ ^^

Credits: maxyuchu + maxyuchu

Comments on: "Goodies: TVXQ and Super Junior Watching 2NE1’s Performance at SBS Gayo Daejun (Fancams)" (34)

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    omo omo omo

  2. hello blackjacks pls can you tel if im wrong cause its so frustrating to see one of the boys here at the fancam of hyun,siwon and kangin at the top of their sits the white hair with sunglasses make a thumbs down after our favorate 2en1 perform..please see it start at 4:05 and pls correct me if im wrong..

    • Yesung wasn’t making a thumbs down. He was stretching his arms forward and made fists. Look closer.

  3.’s EXO..not da perf thing…

  4. t.o.p is beside you

  5. wishing there was a fan cam for the reactions of Dara’s fanboys during the crayon performance!

  6. Btw did I see TOP next to Eunhyuk? o(^▽^)o

  7. 😛 if only I knew how to read lips! Along with understanding Korean. It’s like there making fun of us. Taking with their mouths right towards the camera! I want to know what they were saying! (Siwon&Eunhyuk)

  8. I wonder if there are fancams of other idols during the Crayon performance with Dara ^^

  9. Pleaseeeeee, post more fancam of idols during 2ne1 peformance, especially Exo…!!! Tkssssssss : )

  10. Oh yay!!! I hope there will be more fancams hehe ^^! ❤

  11. Yunho!!! Now if we have JYJ too I would die to see their reaction ^_^ I miss the complete TVXQ 😦

    On the other hand, Yunho knows the lyrics by heart 🙂

  12. There’s something wrong with my computer, can anyone please give me links to that two videos. please 🙂

  13. waaaa so cute~~ 2ne1’s songs really get you pumping and energetic

  14. It seems as if Yunho was saying at the end that, “They’re good, they really live up to their slogan NOLZA.” ^^

  15. Aww! I love Suju&2NE1 interactions! Hyuk is the best 2NE1’s fanboy! So cute! Kekeke~

  16. donghae is so cute! who is the guy beside him? sorry i’m not familiar with other suju members? is he sungmin or ryewook? thanks.

  17. I love you for posting these fancams~~~! *hugs*

  18. handsome..

  19. at 0:40 donghae thumbs up before dara’s line

  20. Love this 🙂

  21. OMG!! Thankyou for posting these fancams!! I love watching other idols reacting to 2NE1’s epic performance!! Please upload more if you see more!! ❤

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