Waaah! They were so awkward at first. Kekeke~ But Dara’s cuteness.. OMG! Her “Jung HyeYoung unnie, hwaiting!” is just too cute!!! <333 

Credits: redthreaddreams4

Comments on: "Video: 130102 Dara, Tablo and Hyejung at ‘Gangster Shaman’ Movie Premiere" (7)

  1. Dara is just too cute! >3<
    Darling of the press Santokki!
    YG Family fighting!

  2. As much as I like Dara, I can’t help but get frustrated at her for always being so awkward. She’s been in the entertainment industry for how long now? She still can’t conduct a decent interview. She is pretty and sweet and she needs to get over whatever insecurity she has and be more confident. I’m afraid her awkwardness won’t get her very far in her profession :/

    • Some people are just socially awkward. No matter how much experience/exposure they’ve had, they can’t control something like that. ^^

    • I don’t mind. That’s part of her charm. And I don’t think it has gotten in the way of her profession. Quite opposite actually. If she acted like any other idol out there, she wouldn’t stand out as much.

  3. Gaaah i can’t even with the three of them! Haha and the awkwardness makes it even more adorable. I think we all agree that dara must have been their daughter in an alternate/parallel universe.

  4. theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

    Dara is awkward with everyone. Hehe that’s her charm.

  5. Dara looks like their teenage daughter 🙂

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