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Info: Dara, Tablo, and Hye Jung’s Picture Featured In Grammy’s Website!

Oooohhh! YG Family is awesome, really! They even made it to the Grammy’s website! ^^



Awesome! A bit random to be honest, but awesome nonetheless! This picture was featured in Grammy’s photo gallery where they add snapshots of events that happen for the day. ^^ I doubt they featured it for the movie, since they really didn’t even mention the movie, but they mentioned Tablo, Hye Jung, and Dara! So is it because they’re YG artists and are famous? Kekeke! ^^ Their description is quite nice too!

Snapshot: January 3

Greetings all the way from South Korea. Tablo of South Korean hip-hop group Epik High, his wife, actress Kang Hye-jung, and singer Dara of 2NE1 wave hello on Jan. 2 in Seoul, South Korea


Source: Grammy Website
Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video: 130102 Dara, Tablo and Hyejung at ‘Gangster Shaman’ Movie Premiere

Waaah! They were so awkward at first. Kekeke~ But Dara’s cuteness.. OMG! Her “Jung HyeYoung unnie, hwaiting!” is just too cute!!! <333 

Credits: redthreaddreams4

Press Photos: 130102 Dara, Tablo, and Hye Jung Attend “Gangster Shaman” Movie Premiere

Supportive YG Family is supportive! Dara, Tablo, and his wife Hye Jung attended the movie premiere of “Gangster Shaman” where Sean’s wife, Jung Hye Young, is a part of! Who else thinks Dara can pull of being Tablo and Hye Jung’s daughter? Keke! Baby-faced Dara! ^_^

“YG rapper, YG actress, YG goddess” 




Check out more photos of Dara, Tablo and Hye Jung after the cut! YG Family represent! ^^


Press Photos: 130102 Goddess Dara Smiling Brightly at “Gangster Shaman” Movie Premiere

OMG!!!!! Dara is soooo beautiful!!! <333 Just look at her smile!!! Her smile kills me every time! Even though she was dressed simply, she still shines brightly! Sandara Park, you are a goddess!!! <333

Who else, besides me, wants to see Dara as the star of the movie next time she is at the red carpet of a movie premiere? Darama in 2013 please!!! ^__^