OMG!!!!! Dara is soooo beautiful!!! <333 Just look at her smile!!! Her smile kills me every time! Even though she was dressed simply, she still shines brightly! Sandara Park, you are a goddess!!! <333

Who else, besides me, wants to see Dara as the star of the movie next time she is at the red carpet of a movie premiere? Darama in 2013 please!!! ^__^











Comments on: "Press Photos: 130102 Goddess Dara Smiling Brightly at “Gangster Shaman” Movie Premiere" (9)

  1. Dara’s radiant smile <333
    Love all these photos!!
    her flawless, ageless beauty! *O*
    YG Family supporting each other! loves it! 😀

  2. kyaaaa…I love this post..thanks admin ^^..Dara-yaa you looks healthy, cute, bright, beautyfull, shine, lovely, gorgeous!!! hahaha she was wear sneakers at red carpet ke ke ke..her hair looks more brown? or its just cuz of the light?

  3. Her smile & beauty could launch a thousand ships!

  4. tamtamie123 said:

    dara smile is soo contagious!! it makes me wanna smile too 😀 her smile is soo beautiful and one of a kind..

  5. me!!!! please give her more tv or movie time!!!!!

  6. Her smile always reaches her eyes! So lovely!

  7. Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Goddess Dara!!!!! I want a movie or a Darama!!! Kyaaaaaahhhh

  8. OMG DARA’s hair 🙂 she looks even more younger.. wow

  9. Sandara Stark said:

    A smile…that’s all she needs and she transforms! And we regards to a series or a movie- yes, it’s the right time for it already.

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