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Video: 140406 Haru Shows her “Expert Force” while Listening to 2NE1’s “Gotta Be You” on Superman is Back

Haru is so cute! She seemed so into listening to the music, even though her parents were talking on the side. XD 

140406 Superman is Back – Haru Listening to 2NE1’s “Gotta Be You” Expert Force

Credits: KBSEntertain

Video: 130102 Dara, Tablo and Hyejung at ‘Gangster Shaman’ Movie Premiere

Waaah! They were so awkward at first. Kekeke~ But Dara’s cuteness.. OMG! Her “Jung HyeYoung unnie, hwaiting!” is just too cute!!! <333 

Credits: redthreaddreams4

Press Photos: 130102 Dara, Tablo, and Hye Jung Attend “Gangster Shaman” Movie Premiere

Supportive YG Family is supportive! Dara, Tablo, and his wife Hye Jung attended the movie premiere of “Gangster Shaman” where Sean’s wife, Jung Hye Young, is a part of! Who else thinks Dara can pull of being Tablo and Hye Jung’s daughter? Keke! Baby-faced Dara! ^_^

“YG rapper, YG actress, YG goddess” 




Check out more photos of Dara, Tablo and Hye Jung after the cut! YG Family represent! ^^