And 2NE1 finally uploaded their performance on their official YT channel! Weee! ^^ 

Credits: 2NE1

Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 Performs ‘I Love You’ at the 2012 SBS Gayo Daejun" (4)

  1. I Miss 2NE1
    I miss My sexy fierce Darong >.<
    Thank goodness they attended gayos this year~

  2. petitedara said:

    Dara was not in her best condition. I can sense from her voice. Have some rest Dara :*

  3. is this true that chanyeol likes dara? i lovee this video,, ohdara please answer me 😦

    • In chanyeols cyworld he said that he wants to marry dara:)
      Chanyeols cyworld is full of Dara’s pictures fans posted it 🙂

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