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OMG Fancam: 130430 Happy 4th Anniversary of OMG! (DARA ver)

Here is a multi-angle fancam of I Love You from different events! This is a special gift from Oh My Goddess as they are celebrating their 4th anniversary today. ^_^ Happy happy anniversary OMG! ❤ We are all so thankful for all the Dara goodies you share and of course, for your unending love and support for Dara. Thank you so so much! We love you guys! ^_^

Guys, let’s all drop by at or at @ohmygoddessDARA to congratulate them for the 4 years of endless Dara loving! ^_^ Weee! ♥

[FANCAM] 130430 happy 4th Anniversary of OMG (DARA ver) *multi

Credits: @OMG_SANDAR + @ohmygoddessDARA + @Oh My Goddess!

OMG Fancam: 130419 Pretty Dara at Adidas Myeongdong Store Opening

Wooo! Dara posing for the cameras~~ Keke! So adorable!!! <333 Major bonus in this fancam is the song used! Keke, I always love the songs Sandar unnie uses and this one, Jay Park’s song ‘JOAH’ is really really nice! ^^ Love it! ♥

Spot Dara looking at Sandar at the end of the fancam with that sweet sweet smile! <333

Credits: OMGSANDAR21

OMG Fancam: 130331 Goddess Dara Leaving GD’s ‘One Of A Kind’ Concert Venue

Here’s OMG’s fancam of Dara leaving the concert venue! ^^ Is it just me or Dara actually spotted and looked straight to Sandar’s camera right there? Keke~ ^_^ Pretty Dara! ♥

Credits: park77410 + Oh My Goddess!

OMG Fancam: 120614 Goddess Dara at the “Amazing Spiderman” Movie Premiere

Oh my gawd!!! T___T  Gorgeous Dara is GORGEOUS!!! The way she moves, the way she smiles…. Everything she does is just so perfect in my eyes. <333 She is just cute, sexy, beautiful combined! 

Watch the video and find out the cutest moment from 4:07-4:28! Kekeke! ^_^

120614 Amazing Spiderman Premiere – Preview (DARA ver)

@OMG_SANDAR: DARA Amazing SpiderMan Premiere FANCAM I added sound effect of flies from 4:07~4:28 keke cute dara!

Credit: @OMG_SANDAR + @OhmygoddessDARA + Oh My Goddess!