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Instagram: Sweet, Giving, Wonderful Goddess Dara will be Sharing her Kiiroitori Stuffed Toys with the “Cute Babies” at Childrens’ Rehabilitation Hospital ~ “The Love of Blackjacks would be Absorbed by the Children”

Dara has such a big heart.. Newsen released an article and said, “Sandara Park shows a heart as beautiful as her outward appearance.” And this is so true. We Dara fans have been privy to this ever since the start, how she loves and loves fiercely, how she gives with her heart, and pours her soul into what she believes in.. ❤ I hope that we attain even half of how good you are, Dara-ya, indeed you are one person worthy to emulate. ^_^

For every hater out there who keeps questioning her “ulterior” motives, for every nay-sayer saying she’s childish, for every basher who goes after her for even so much as breathing, all I can say is good luck and I hope that you fare well in life and find reasons to love than to hate. Because how could one ever look at this precious soul and not see how her heart is so big and pure and loving? ^_^ 

I think that Dara wrote the caption so that fans would understand why she will give away the stuffed Kiiroitori toys we gave her. It’s because she doesn’t want us to misunderstand and think that she’s throwing our gifts away because she doesn’t appreciate it. Like what Dara said, those gifts are precious to her, and I believe that she found comfort and love from them. But now she saw others that would appreciate and need the gifts now more than her. So that’s why she’s sharing. ❤


Yesterday, I went to the Purme Foundation Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, where I met cute babies. I thought that while the children are getting treatment, it will be good if they are happy and have fun while getting healthier, so I suddenly thought of all the stuffed toys I had back home because of all the fans that gave me a lot as gifts!!! They are all precious gifts given by the fans, but recently I’ve grown up a lot so I can do well even without the stuffed toys; thus I thought that it will be better to give the stuffed toys to the little children who would surely like them even more than I do. So I’m going to  share my chick stuffed toys to the children. The love of all the Blackjacks will be absorbed by the children as well ~ As always, thank you very much ^.^ I’m too big to have these now that i would like to pass these stuffed toys to children who would love playing with these. Thank you Blackjacks for your thoughtful contribution. 😘👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


I wish that the children will read this happily ~ 😀


I went to the children’s library at the Childrens’ Rehabilitation Hospital together with Sean-oppa~ 📚




Children’s library


Sources: daraxxicn + daraxxi

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