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Instagram : Dara Shoot Some Hoops at the Arcade with CL and Hangs Out With Bobby and Mino


Shoot~!!! 🏀 CL vs DARA


No Smoking 🚬🚫😂 

*금연 means to not smoke in this area


Sweets overflowing 🍬🍬


Look at this no caption photo!! she so bad ass!!!!! COOL!!


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Instagram: Dara Shows Off her “One and Only Cap” from the “One and Only Baddest Female” CL

Dara paying tribute to “the one and only baddest female” in her caption.. ^^ I think CL gave Dara this hat when she went to visit her in LA.. ^^


My one and only cap. Designed by CL

My one and only cap. Designed by CL

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Instagram: Beautiful Dara Throws A Photo of Pudoong After A Long Time ~ “#vitaminCL”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “오랜만에 푸둥당 투척!!!_ - https___instagram.com_p_15ke4FCSxY_

Throwing a photo of Pudoong after a long time #vitaminCL #Memories #MissingYou

오랜만에 푸둥당 투척!!! #vitaminCL #추억돋네 #그리워해요

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Does “Aegyo” for “C-Composer” who she Missed Very Much ~ “Finally Together After a Long Time!”

Awww, Dara surely missed her CL-roo very much! ❤ I miss the two of them goofing around together.. 😄


Kiiro Chaetori!!! Kawaii~~~


Finally together after a long time.. My heart goes ppyong ppyong   Aegyo! I will try it just this once. 3 sets of aegyo~ Go go ssing (T/N: Let’s go or let’s do it)!


Crush.. If I Were you.. Baby I miss you..  I really like these so much~ ㅎㅎㅎ Ooohhhh~ Chaerin is starting to melt~


Great music… I’d like to receive one once again  PR Director who is hard at work praising the excellent songs so that we can receive some from C-composer again ㅋㅋㅋ


Photos: 140823 Fun Pictures of 2NE1 Ships During their Thailand Concert ~ “DarLin/ Park Sisters/ DaMin” OT4!

Because 2NE1 x 2NE1 is my OTP, here be the state of the ships in Bangkok, Thailand! ❤

Hubby CL with her arm around wifey Dara’s shoulder! ❤




Adorable DarMin! ❤ Fake and real maknaeeee! Their moments are precious because their moments are more sparse compared to the other two, but they are oh so sweet! ❤


See what I mean? Who’s the real maknae between you two? 😄



And of course, here’s Park Sisters/ Double Park! ❤




Photos: 140731 More Fantaken Photos Of Pretty Dara and CL in Myanmar’s Traditional Dress

Dara and CL looking like royalties in Myanmar’s traditional dress! Pretty ladies! ♥





CL’s photo below! ^^


Photo: CL Uploads Adorable Photo With Dork Dara, Thanks Japan Blackjacks For Their Love And Support

Waaaah! Soooo cute!!! How I miss dorky and adorable Dara! Those legs… ♥_♥ Thank you for the pic, CL-roo! ❤

Thank you Japan for all your love and support #BLACKJACK #GZB

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“Thank you Japan for all your love and support #BLACKJACK #GZB”



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Twitter/Instagram: Cute Dara Introduces the “Real Ssantoki” with CL at AON In Jakarta

Hahaha, Dara is just the cutest ever! ❤


The real ssantoki with CL!!! 빠르디 빠른 난 뛰어 산토끼처럼~ #멘붕

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The real ssantoki with CL!!! Santokki who ran fast, fast as she could~ #menbung


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Photos: MQ Pics of Hot, Trendy 2NE1 Transforming Into Aztec-Indian Female Warriors for Vogue Korea, May Issue

IOh man, oh man, oh man! I love how 2NE1 went all courageous and DIFFERENT with this new concept photoshoot for Vogue! Given that Vogue is always a bit on the eccentric-fashionista side, this photoshoot is so very “2NE1!!!!” that it makes me so very happy! I can remember 2NE1’s Vogue Girl photoshoot four, three years back, and I can’t help but marvel at how they’ve grown!

I love the tribal “war paint” thing they have going on, and the flashy, printed clothes, with heavy accessories. ^^


And here’s DaRin! I am not too sure how I feel about their eye make-up and face paint, but our DaRin looks all kinds of awesome! Dara has a drum on her hand, and weee, DaRin legs! 😄


Can I just say I love how Bom’s GOLD lipstick looks so good on her?! And her hairstyle is too cute! Minzy’s outfit thogugh! Is that a swmisuit?! Maknae Minzy going for th sexier clothes this time around! Dannnggg! 


Check out the girls’ individual pics after the cut!


Line: “Clear Voice Dara” Shares a Fun, Sweet Experience While Recording “Baby, I Miss You” With “Composer CL”

Hahaha, yes Dara your voice was really clear and beautiful and awesome in this album! ❤ Well, I love your voice from the get-go, and I love how you continue to improve in leaps and bounds.. But I can just imagine CL coaching her and telling her, “UNNIE! THINK OF YOUNG GUYS!” Ahaha! Dara’s ideal type is “tough, younger guy” right? 😄



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