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Instagram: Sweet Dara Left a comment on CL’s Instagram post


TRANS ” I Miss You”


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IG Live Story: Dara and CL Went Out Together For a Night Hiking



Cuties Going out for a night Hiking!


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Line Diary: 170302 Sweet Dara Reminisce How She Always Take Care of Chaerin’s Cake Every Year


170302 Diary Update: [TRANS] Come to think of it… for the past few years I always took care of Chaerinie’s cake. Of course, she always receives a lot of cake but I too always personally ordered a cake as a gift (Of course! When other members have birthday too, you should prepare a cake according to those girls image^_^v 🎂 Brings back memories ..) However this year she was so far away. 😞 That’s why Koreans want to spend her birthday even in a very simple way. I should have delivered it earlier and felt happy..but if you go that far my chocolate flavored bread ㅋㅋ will be distorted ㅠㅠ I will feel bad. ㅋㅋㅋ I think it’s very pleasant and reassuring to have some friends who are unchanging though they are absent in body and we are not seeing each other for several months. Nowadays we can just do video call that’s why this period is much better~~~ it felt like you are just beside me even though your body is absent😂🙏🏻 I like it I’m not lonely. Blackjacks do you also have a friend like that?! By nature, I really have a lot of overseas friends so I often feel homesick..I hope I can withstand it. 👍🏻 Even 12 years ago when I said goodbye to my friends in Philippines and went to Korea I cried a lotㅋㅋ I also sent a lot of e-mails… But nowadays I can go often to see them~how great is that?! 😆


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Twitter: Thoughtful Dara Waited For The Clock To Strike 12AM on LA Timezone To Greet CL A Happy Birthday


@.chaelinCL At that place it should be 12 AM right now..It’s now 26th (of February). Happy Birthday and~this is a gift 🤗 The one that you like. Kyak it seems like I’m the first one~ 🙈 What to do~ ㅋㅋㅋ Amazing. 👍🏻



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Instagram : Dara Shoot Some Hoops at the Arcade with CL and Hangs Out With Bobby and Mino


Shoot~!!! 🏀 CL vs DARA


No Smoking 🚬🚫😂 

*금연 means to not smoke in this area


Sweets overflowing 🍬🍬


Look at this no caption photo!! she so bad ass!!!!! COOL!!


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Instagram: Dara Shows Off her “One and Only Cap” from the “One and Only Baddest Female” CL

Dara paying tribute to “the one and only baddest female” in her caption.. ^^ I think CL gave Dara this hat when she went to visit her in LA.. ^^


My one and only cap. Designed by CL

My one and only cap. Designed by CL

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Instagram: Beautiful Dara Throws A Photo of Pudoong After A Long Time ~ “#vitaminCL”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “오랜만에 푸둥당 투척!!!_ - https___instagram.com_p_15ke4FCSxY_

Throwing a photo of Pudoong after a long time #vitaminCL #Memories #MissingYou

오랜만에 푸둥당 투척!!! #vitaminCL #추억돋네 #그리워해요

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Does “Aegyo” for “C-Composer” who she Missed Very Much ~ “Finally Together After a Long Time!”

Awww, Dara surely missed her CL-roo very much! ❤ I miss the two of them goofing around together.. 😄


Kiiro Chaetori!!! Kawaii~~~


Finally together after a long time.. My heart goes ppyong ppyong   Aegyo! I will try it just this once. 3 sets of aegyo~ Go go ssing (T/N: Let’s go or let’s do it)!


Crush.. If I Were you.. Baby I miss you..  I really like these so much~ ㅎㅎㅎ Ooohhhh~ Chaerin is starting to melt~


Great music… I’d like to receive one once again  PR Director who is hard at work praising the excellent songs so that we can receive some from C-composer again ㅋㅋㅋ


Photos: 140823 Fun Pictures of 2NE1 Ships During their Thailand Concert ~ “DarLin/ Park Sisters/ DaMin” OT4!

Because 2NE1 x 2NE1 is my OTP, here be the state of the ships in Bangkok, Thailand! ❤

Hubby CL with her arm around wifey Dara’s shoulder! ❤




Adorable DarMin! ❤ Fake and real maknaeeee! Their moments are precious because their moments are more sparse compared to the other two, but they are oh so sweet! ❤


See what I mean? Who’s the real maknae between you two? 😄



And of course, here’s Park Sisters/ Double Park! ❤




Photos: 140731 More Fantaken Photos Of Pretty Dara and CL in Myanmar’s Traditional Dress

Dara and CL looking like royalties in Myanmar’s traditional dress! Pretty ladies! ♥





CL’s photo below! ^^