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Instagram: Dara Shows Off her “One and Only Cap” from the “One and Only Baddest Female” CL

Dara paying tribute to “the one and only baddest female” in her caption.. ^^ I think CL gave Dara this hat when she went to visit her in LA.. ^^


My one and only cap. Designed by CL

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My one and only cap. Designed by CL

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Instagram: Sweet Dara Does “Aegyo” for “C-Composer” who she Missed Very Much ~ “Finally Together After a Long Time!”

Awww, Dara surely missed her CL-roo very much! ❤ I miss the two of them goofing around together.. XD


Kiiro Chaetori!!! Kawaii~~~


Finally together after a long time.. My heart goes ppyong ppyong   Aegyo! I will try it just this once. 3 sets of aegyo~ Go go ssing (T/N: Let’s go or let’s do it)!


Crush.. If I Were you.. Baby I miss you..  I really like these so much~ ㅎㅎㅎ Ooohhhh~ Chaerin is starting to melt~


Great music… I’d like to receive one once again  PR Director who is hard at work praising the excellent songs so that we can receive some from C-composer again ㅋㅋㅋ


Photos: 140823 Fun Pictures of 2NE1 Ships During their Thailand Concert ~ “DarLin/ Park Sisters/ DaMin” OT4!

Because 2NE1 x 2NE1 is my OTP, here be the state of the ships in Bangkok, Thailand! ❤

Hubby CL with her arm around wifey Dara’s shoulder! ❤




Adorable DarMin! ❤ Fake and real maknaeeee! Their moments are precious because their moments are more sparse compared to the other two, but they are oh so sweet! ❤


See what I mean? Who’s the real maknae between you two? XD



And of course, here’s Park Sisters/ Double Park! ❤




Photos: MQ Pics of Hot, Trendy 2NE1 Transforming Into Aztec-Indian Female Warriors for Vogue Korea, May Issue

IOh man, oh man, oh man! I love how 2NE1 went all courageous and DIFFERENT with this new concept photoshoot for Vogue! Given that Vogue is always a bit on the eccentric-fashionista side, this photoshoot is so very “2NE1!!!!” that it makes me so very happy! I can remember 2NE1’s Vogue Girl photoshoot four, three years back, and I can’t help but marvel at how they’ve grown!

I love the tribal “war paint” thing they have going on, and the flashy, printed clothes, with heavy accessories. ^^


And here’s DaRin! I am not too sure how I feel about their eye make-up and face paint, but our DaRin looks all kinds of awesome! Dara has a drum on her hand, and weee, DaRin legs! XD


Can I just say I love how Bom’s GOLD lipstick looks so good on her?! And her hairstyle is too cute! Minzy’s outfit thogugh! Is that a swmisuit?! Maknae Minzy going for th sexier clothes this time around! Dannnggg! 


Check out the girls’ individual pics after the cut!


Line: “Clear Voice Dara” Shares a Fun, Sweet Experience While Recording “Baby, I Miss You” With “Composer CL”

Hahaha, yes Dara your voice was really clear and beautiful and awesome in this album! ❤ Well, I love your voice from the get-go, and I love how you continue to improve in leaps and bounds.. But I can just imagine CL coaching her and telling her, “UNNIE! THINK OF YOUNG GUYS!” Ahaha! Dara’s ideal type is “tough, younger guy” right? XD



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Photos: Official Pics of Blonde, Bindi Dara and Walking DaRin in 1st Look’s Feature for “MNet’s 20’s Choice”

Thank you 1st Look for the feature, and for this wonderful, wonderful picture of our blond goddess and her gorgeous curls and bindi! ❤


Caption: Sandara Park whose bindi on her forehead matches well with her blonde hair.

And here’s our DaRin walking together. ^^


Caption: CL who flashes a V-pose as she passes the camera.


Photos: 130712 HD Fantaken Pics of Gorgeous, Fun 2NE1 at Incheon Airport Going to China

Wow, there are HQ/HD pics so fast! Dara is so cute! She gave away calling cards at the airport! ❤ I am super loving BlonDara! ❤

BO8krfpCIAElyCI.jpg large

BO77jThCEAIUoj4.jpg large

BO77nCuCIAI4sQw.jpg large

And here’s 2NE1! Bommie holding a banana! ^^ In-flight snack maybe? Kekeke! ❤

BO78RXmCYAAJL0t.jpg large


And here they go, laughing with each other.. ^_^ Don’t you just love their matching shirts?! 😀

BO77_JRCYAArexw.jpg large

Chaerinnie stealing away Dara’s attention by pointing out something to her, kekekeke! ❤

BO78mZVCYAAqIsS.jpg large

More HD/HQ goodness after the cut!


Photos: 130712 2NE1 Ships are Sailing at Incheon Airport Going to China!

Ze epic battle of the 2NE1 ships! Kekekeke! Please don’t take me too seriously (keyboard warriors who are unnecessarily judgmental, I am looking at you), but I adore 2NE1 ships! So this is a “guilty-pleasure-just-for-fun” post.. ^^

Here’s Double Park/ Park sisters laughing together! Bom’s hand on Dara’s shoulder, seems like she’s telling Dara something amusing. ^^

BO7kyiwCIAEz3j2.jpg large

And of course ze married couple would not go without a fight! Here’s Chaerinnie and Dara leaning towards each other with smiles on their lips.. ^_^

BO7heAzCcAAKH6u.jpg large

And lastly, here’s MinRa with Dara trailing behind Mingkki.. ^_^

BO7heaiCIAAlexd.jpg large


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Video: CL’s Adorable Star Call Featuring Crazy-Cute Park Sisters – Dara Does the Unnie!

Hahaha, these fangirls are the cutest! CL is so cute, all smiley while singing the chorus, and then you can hear Park Sisters go “Unnie-yooooohhhh” and then CL focused on Dara during the “Unnie, unnie” part and you can see her being all sorts of crazily cute adorable. T_T And Bommie at CL’s back at the end is cute too! ^_^

(130603) Star Call from CL

Credits: KHJnadette26LMH

Twitter: Dara Goes on the #CLTHEBADDESTGZB Craze – “Calling her Chaerin-Unnie too!”

As expected, Dara went crazy during the release of CL’s “Baddest Female” MV! ^_^

I’m going to translate Dara’s tweets only, okay? ^^ And oh, the screencap shows the most recent tweets on top, so trans will be the same. ^_^


Unnie-ya~~~~~~~~ Whooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to call her unnie~ Chaerin-unnie~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.<



#CLTHEBADDESTGZB The bad girl with dangerous charms. So excited~~~ >.<

Dara then starts tweeting the Music Video to her Celebrity Friends from the Philippines!


Teacher Geo!!! Watch CL’s 1st solo single!!! Badass!!!

Oppa this!!! New hottest video!!! U like it?!? Badass right? 🙂

Hey Ryan!!! Watch this video!!! Badass!!! Dance this in Showtime!!! 🙂 (Note: Showtime is a variety show in the Philippines)


DARA: CL says thank you 🙂 Do you remember the time when she brought us to a delicious restaurant when you guys came here? Time flies fast!!!


RYAN: Ahhhh, okay, after you guys have a new album, tell me He he he So that when we dance it (the bew sing), I can become Sandara Bang, I’ll grow my hair long

DARA: Yes!!! I’ll wait for that! 🙂 I’ll also wait for the time when I can visit showtime!


LUIS: It’s missing something. I’m the one missing there

DARA: OMG…. Bwahahahahaha


GEORCELLE: #ltw says Thank you

GEORCELLE (on the photo): Precious moment for me and @GFORCE_OFFICIAL Dayrit. How can I forget that?! Super good food, and remember the Filipinos who recognized us after the dinner?!

DARA: Yes! I hope you guys can come back (here) again!!! 🙂


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Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara