IOh man, oh man, oh man! I love how 2NE1 went all courageous and DIFFERENT with this new concept photoshoot for Vogue! Given that Vogue is always a bit on the eccentric-fashionista side, this photoshoot is so very “2NE1!!!!” that it makes me so very happy! I can remember 2NE1’s Vogue Girl photoshoot four, three years back, and I can’t help but marvel at how they’ve grown!

I love the tribal “war paint” thing they have going on, and the flashy, printed clothes, with heavy accessories. ^^


And here’s DaRin! I am not too sure how I feel about their eye make-up and face paint, but our DaRin looks all kinds of awesome! Dara has a drum on her hand, and weee, DaRin legs! XD


Can I just say I love how Bom’s GOLD lipstick looks so good on her?! And her hairstyle is too cute! Minzy’s outfit thogugh! Is that a swmisuit?! Maknae Minzy going for th sexier clothes this time around! Dannnggg! 


Check out the girls’ individual pics after the cut!

CL is like, fierce personified! I love her first shot with her hair flying all over! 



Bommie looking so very pretty in her first shot, which for some reason, makes me think of a Geisha. Her second shot is cute, with her sunglasses!



Hello maknaeee! I am loving how they experimented with her hairstyle! I love it, she looks so grown up already! ❤




Source: @whitewood_cl

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: MQ Pics of Hot, Trendy 2NE1 Transforming Into Aztec-Indian Female Warriors for Vogue Korea, May Issue" (7)

  1. my beautiful ever goddess Sandara Park, angelic face always in her, why not upload Dara’s solo shots?

  2. loving them all:)but I wonder why Dara no solo shot’s? I think is unfair 😦

  3. garfieldz17 said:

    dara is really a goddess whatever she wears with make ups or not she always looks so gorgeous

  4. I super love this.. The girls are very busy.. Good job.. I love Dara she shines

  5. Wow! I guess you can really tell who is pretty in photo shoots. Dara is the only k-idol that can put off any look and manage to shine.

  6. So beautiful, she looks good in every make-up lol, The perfect covergirl for every magazine.

  7. I love it!! Where are Dara’s solo shots?

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