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Article/Feature: “Meet the New K-Pop Star Making Waves on the Front Row” ~ Vogue Features Sandara Park in MFW

Meet the New K-Pop Star Making Waves on the Front Row


Let’s get one thing straight: CL is not the only fashionable member of 2NE1. As bombastic as the K-pop star’s style is, her bandmates give her a run for her money when it comes to putting together cool, attention-grabbing looks, and the fashion world is starting to take notice. Case in point? This morning, Sandara “Dara” Park, the group’s resident multitasker, joined the front row at Fendi alongside such stars as Serena Williams and Ellie Goulding. As singer, model, host, actress, and Instagram sensation, Park is one of the most prominent celebrities in Korea. She has been able to make an impact on-screen and online with both her style and genre-defying career.

First appearing on the scene back in 2004 as a contestant on the popular reality competition show Star Circle Quest, Park’s talents earned her a fan base so big that producers gave her acting roles in movies and television—ones that were naturally hits. Park released hit singles in the Philippines years prior to 2NE1’s debut, thereby reversing the traditional girl-band narrative by becoming a household name before she joined a group. While Park’s distinctive pop vocals are a key component to her success, what truly has pushed her to the top is her personality. CL might have that baddest female title on lock, but Park’s effortless cool, willingness to be funny—her hilarious social updates are almost as famous as she is—and dedication to her fans has allowed her to seem like the pop idol next door.

Her vibe may be chill, but Park takes her fashion very seriously. It isn’t enough to just be cute; she consistently pulls together outfits that mix the best in insider labels. She has a soft spot for the streetwise aesthetic that has dominated the shows lately, but only its sweetest incarnations. She’s got the prerequisiteVetements hoodies, Off-White sweatshirts, and Saint Laurent bomber jackets, but they’re in pastel tones—plus she wears them with neon pink Timberlands. Difficult to find gems like 99%IS’s 10 Corso Como Seoul exclusive coat or Gosha Rubchinskiy’s sold-out beanies get mixed in with limited-edition Supreme or the latest heavyweight chain from Ambush. Even when she dolls up in a Thom Browne miniskirt or a lacy dress from Versus Versace, she’s one step ahead of the curve. On Instagram, where she frequently posts outfit updates for her millions of followers, she’s known for taking her share of risks. She thrilled her fans recently with the new strawberry blonde hairstyle she donned in Milan, where she stepped out for a touristy trip to the Duomo. With her prim appearance at Fendi in a striped dress from the Fall collection and matching Dotcom bag, it’s clear she has stepped into high fashion’s big leagues, and her presence is more than welcome. With even more hair colors, skate merch, and designer goods to try on and test out, it’s only a matter of time before Park is setting trends on the runway.

Credits: Vogue

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Instagram: Model Dara Shares a BTS Picture of Herself Posing for Vogue Girl Photoshoot ~ July Issue!

Oh man, I cannot wait to see this photoshoot! ❤ Dara looks so toned and fit! I really wish she wore shorts more.. TT11376273_1864144303811545_868444475_n

@voguegirlkorea july issue



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Instagram: Vogue Girl Korea Shares a Sunny BTS Picture of Goddess Dara for a Photoshoot in Hawaii

Ooohhhhh~! Looks like Dara’s vacation isn’t 100% a vacation.. XD WOWWWW so happy she’s doing this kind of photoshoot for Vogue Girl! Waaahhh! Cannot wait for the pictures of this spread! ❤ I think Dara had a schedule for the shoot today, but went ahead to Hawaii to enjoy a bit of R&R first.. ^^


D-day📷 #beautifulweather #hawaii @modernhonolulu



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Photos: 141010 Anna dellu Russo Shares Pictures from “Vogue Japan 15th Anniversary Party” in Tokyo

Pretty, pretty Dara! ❤ As someone in Twitter said, Dara has such a baby-face that she looks like she can’t be old enough to join the party, kekekeke! ^_^ So so so pretty.. ❤




Source: Anna dello Russo Website

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Photo: 141010 Another Photo of Pretty Dara at Vogue Japan’s 15th Anniversary Party

Pretty Dara enjoying the Vogue 15th Anniversary Party in Japan, and meeting new people and making new friends.. ^^


#15thanniversary @voguejapan party with@mariotestino


Source: juli_n

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Twitter/Instagram: 141011 Goddess Dara shares a photo with Anna Dello Russo – “It was an honor to meet the fashion Icon herself…”

image image

It was an honor to meet the fashion icon herself, Anna Dello Russo! Nice meeting you and hope to see you again! 🙂 #VogueJapan’s15thAnniversaryParty@anna_dello_russo @voguejapan


Source: @krungy21;@daraxxi

Photo: Unseen B-Cut of Fierce Dara’s Modern-Ethnic Transformation for Vogue Korea, May 2014 Issue

Ooohhh, a B-cut from 2NE1’s photoshoot for Vogue! I love how edgy Dara’s look is here, though it isn’t my favorite look in the shoot, but she certainly does look mighty awesome and edgy and fierce! ❤ This look is one that’s closest to my heart because it’s so out of the box for our dear goddess… ❤ More B-cuts juseyo!




Credits: Agency Garten

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Instagram: Jeremy Scott Updates with “Another Shot of Beautiful” Dara for Vogue Korea

I actually liked the Spongebob ensemble… It gives the outfit a nice kick. ^^


Credits: itsjeremyscott

Photo: MQ Scan of Alluring, Seductive Dara for Vogue Korea


What I love about this shot is that we rarely see Dara do this kind of style during photo shoots. So it’s always a breath of fresh air whenever she tries new things. I am happy that she’s getting more and more confident in getting out of her comfort zone ^_^ The few instances that Dara bares/ shows off a little part of her sexy body like this always leave us Daralings wanting for more! Kekeke!



Source: @angelpilgrim

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News: 2NE1 Makes a Drastic Transformation in a Unique Photoshoot for Vogue

2NE1 Makes a Drastic Transformation in a Unique Photoshoot for Vogue


“Fashion Icons” 2NE1 were able to display their distinctive charms by making a transformation inspired by traditional African wear.

On April 30, fashion magazine Vogue revealed 2NE1’s May pictorial.


The members showed that they were able to pull off an ethnic African style with intricate face paint, wearing intense, colorful outfits, and posing with traditional instruments made of wood and leather.

At the photo shoot, CL stated, “I think it was fate that a group of unique and fun people who were living separate lives were able to meet and form a group called 2NE1.”

Member Sandara Park, who was praised by the staff for her soft charisma, said, “I don’t have any restrictions when it comes to style as of now. I always want to try out new things,” when asked about the experimental styles she has showcased.

Park Bom, who has recently ventured into the world of reality television with SBS’s “Roommate,” radiated her honest and pure charms at the set of the photoshoot.

Minzy, who turned 21 years old (Korean age) this year, has become the symbol of their group name, 2NE1. She displayed the same lively enthusiasm as that of any other freshman in college and shared, “I want to dance with the passion of a 21-year-old even when I become a grandma.”

This 2NE1 pictorial and interview will be released in full on May 19 in next month’s issue of Vogue Korea and on their official website.

Credits: Soompi