Ooohhhhh~! Looks like Dara’s vacation isn’t 100% a vacation.. XD WOWWWW so happy she’s doing this kind of photoshoot for Vogue Girl! Waaahhh! Cannot wait for the pictures of this spread! ❤ I think Dara had a schedule for the shoot today, but went ahead to Hawaii to enjoy a bit of R&R first.. ^^


D-day📷 #beautifulweather #hawaii @modernhonolulu



Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Vogue Girl Korea Shares a Sunny BTS Picture of Goddess Dara for a Photoshoot in Hawaii" (3)

  1. sipthetea said:

    Fck all them other visuals. Now this is what the true meaning of a GODDESS-like beauty! Hell to the yeah!

  2. She’s so damn gorgeous! ❤ All she need to do now is gain weight. And she will be the true meaning of a perfect beauty! ❤

  3. yep, was suspecting that this trip was part work and not just pure pleasure. i mean, she took “only” her dear jjangmae with her. “dear” yeah but he still works for yg, right?

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