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Instagram: Beautiful Model Dara Shares More B-Cut Photos from her “Vogue Korea” Hawaiiwan Girl Photoshoot

Dara is just so perfect.. Like, how can you look so perfect like that?! I bet this is a real quandary for the magazine editors, which pictures to pick because all of them are EXQUISITE.. More B-cuts please Vogue Girl! ❤11410616_754878267956877_982098284_n

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Instagram: Dara Shares a Truly Stunning Picture from her Vogue Girl Photoshoot in Hawaii

Yaassss, one of my most favorite pics in the photoshoot! ❤


#voguegirl #hawaii 😍

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#보그걸 #voguegirl #hawaii 😍

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Photos+Official: HD/HQ Pictures of Stunning, Enchanting Island Goddess Sandara Park for Vogue Girl Korea, July Issue ~ Warning: Dara’s Pictures Can Cause Heart Palpitations

INTRODUCING THE PERFECTION THAT IS SANDARA PARK.. ❤ I freaking love this Vogue Girl photoshoot! /hugs Vogue Girl Korea Dara looks so fraeking gorgeous in every freaking shot! ❤ It’s one of those photoshoots where you can’t choose a favorite picture because everything is on point! ❤ Dara is just a beautiful, beautiful model! Very dynamic and versatile as well.. ❤ Check out my earlier posts for my adoration and fangirling kekeke! XD 

And oh, I love the concept of this summer/beach photoshoot! Dara proves that you can be sexy without baring too much skin, and I love, love, love it! Sexiness is in the attitude and confident, not the amount of skin bared or overly sexual poses.. This photoshoot shows another brand of sexiness.. ❤









Check out more pics after the cut! (more…)

Photos: Captivating, Enchanting Goddess Dara is Absolutely Stunning for Vogue Girl’s Hawaii Summer Photoshoot

Thank you so so so much Vogue Girl for this truly classic and beautiful photoshoot of our goddess Dara.. ❤ GORGEOUS DARA IS EVER SO GORGEOUS! Perfectly stunning summer goddess.. T_T Just look at her, perfection in every picture.. /le cries

Flora goddess Sandara Park everyone! Looking so beautiful, even with her pensive gaze.. ❤


Aloha girl Dara! ❤ Looking ever so youthful.. ❤ Doesn’t this pic remind you so much of her Etude days?! <333


Why hello there! Casual outfit, but sexy red lips and maaannn those legs, legs, legs! ❤ I love how she has a slight tan, a beautiful glow! ❤


Dara going island Bohemian chic! ❤ Love the sunglasses and is that a Mickey Mouse print jacket and skirt? ❤


Why hello there! Dara makes chilling under  a sign look chic and fashionable.. ❤



Source: Vogue Girl via Naver

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Instagram: Model Dara Shares a BTS Picture of Herself Posing for Vogue Girl Photoshoot ~ July Issue!

Oh man, I cannot wait to see this photoshoot! ❤ Dara looks so toned and fit! I really wish she wore shorts more.. TT11376273_1864144303811545_868444475_n

@voguegirlkorea july issue



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Instagram: ArtLab CheongDam Shares Dara’s Pretty “Neon Marble Summer” Nails for Vogue Girl’s Hawaii Photoshoot

Dara’s pretty pretty nails! ❤ And oh wow, I wish my feet were as attractive as Dara’s.. T_T


Heol!! Taken at Hawaii’s beach
No more photo editing required for this ~~~👏👙😎!!!!!

My finished product for #DaraUnnie’s #Pedicure
#VogueGirl #Photoshoot 💭
#Neon #Marble #Summer #Pedi #Hawaii
#CheongDam #CheongDamArtLab #CheongDamNail #ArtLabNail



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Instagram: Vogue Girl’s Beauty Editor Jung AeKyung Shares Nice BTS Pictures of Dara’s Shoot in Hawaii

More, more, more please! ❤ Wonder how the photos will come out?! But I’m sure it’ll be beautiful, because goddess Dara makes everything beautiful.. Kekeke! ❤ For those of youwho may be wondering about the tags and captions, Jung AeKyung, the uploader, is a Vogue Girl beauty editor, but it seems that she only assisted this time around for Kim Shin-Ae, Vogue Girl’s fashion editor.. ^^


After a decade, I’m only an assistant today 💁🏻  #ShinAe-director, fighting #Hawaii_AeKyung


Lovely nails just for Hawaii 🌈  #Sandara #VogueGirl #Hawaii_Aekyung


Source: Vogue Girl Beauty Editor AeKyung Jung’s Instagram

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Instagram: Vogue Girl Korea Shares a Picture of a “Pretty Girl with Cute Nails Eating Shave Ice” ~ “Nail Sense Jjang!”

So cute! Rainbow on rainbow! It’s nice to note that Hawaii shave ice is essentially a different thing from shaved ice.. XD Hawaii shave ice comes from shaving an entire block of ice, as opposed to finely crushed ice.. XD Dara must’ve enjoyed it, since she got another one the day after the shoot.. ^^


Who is this pretty girl eating rainbow shave ice with her cute rainbow nails? 🌈  Fit for Hawaii, nail sense jjang 👍🏻 #hawaii #shavedice #voguegirl



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Instagram: Vogue Girl Korea Shares a Sunny BTS Picture of Goddess Dara for a Photoshoot in Hawaii

Ooohhhhh~! Looks like Dara’s vacation isn’t 100% a vacation.. XD WOWWWW so happy she’s doing this kind of photoshoot for Vogue Girl! Waaahhh! Cannot wait for the pictures of this spread! ❤ I think Dara had a schedule for the shoot today, but went ahead to Hawaii to enjoy a bit of R&R first.. ^^


D-day📷 #beautifulweather #hawaii @modernhonolulu



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Scans: Dara Featured In Vogue Girl And Breeze Magazine, July Issue

Dara for Etude’s Proof 10 Eyeliner, featured in Vogue Girl and Breeze magazines, July issue. ^^ Our pretty china doll Dara.. ^_^